January 31, 2021

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We've toured stunning homes, outlandish ranches, and beautiful vacation destinations, but we have never really toured our own homes. This week is a special treat from one of our co-founders Brittany, of White Farmhouse. Her eye for detail is second to none, and she's slightly obsessed with white, but the best part of this entire home tour is that she answered all her questions in the third person ... because SEO (search engine optimization is EVERYTHING)!

Since Brittany is also obsessed with winter, we figured this was the perfect home tour to get you all to fall in love with the season, even if you weren't ready for it. As always, please give a warm vintage welcome to Brittany!

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Can you give a brief introduction of yourself, your home and work? 

Brittany of White Farmhouse, co-founder of Vintage Society Co., is a self-claimed crazy cat lady, momma to 3 wild boys, obsessed with winter, lattes, and the colour white! After building her home, she joined forces with Deborah founding Vintage Society Co., which you have currently found as you read this blog!

Shop Britt's favourite Vintage Society winter essentials 

What year was your home built and do you have any details of the history or building process you would like to share? 

Brittany custom built her home in 2014/ 2015. Building her home was so much fun! Designing the blueprint of her home is one of the biggest highlights of her life. While she may have repainted almost every inch of her home, the layout is something she still absolutely loves! 

Brittany bringing in bundles of greenery for winter decor

While some people love restoring old homes, Brittany has a passion for creating the most functional layouts for families. A home should truly function for each individual family. If you have the opportunity to design the layout of your home, take it!!
Brittany also loves to design homes around the movement of the sun! Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset? Britt loves the sunrise, so her master bedroom was designed so she could wake up with the sun!

How do you define your decor style? What are your favourite types of decor?

Minimalism! Less is more. Brittany loves a clean, minimalist, neutral home! Using white as a neutral backdrop colour for her french antiques and flowers to stand out against.
Every month Brittany is conscious about removing items from her home. It's amazing the amount of things you can find around your home all the time that you truly don't need.

What is your favourite thing about your home? Do you have a favourite room or furniture piece?

The outside living areas of Brittany’s home have to be one of her favourites! She cannot see any neighbours, so she takes advantage of the expansive open views!

Patio table covered patio ideas

The mudroom in her home is also a family favourite. The functionality of this space makes such a big difference.

Do you have any big future plans for your home? What is next for you or your home? 

Brittany wants to add a bit more character to her front entrance. She added a white oak door and loves how it has changed the entrance. Now, she wants to redo the pillars on her front porch to match the cedar pillars on her back patio.

If you had one design or decor tip, what would it be? 

Brittany always tells design clients it’s perfectly fine to love multiple home decor styles but try to only incorporate one style within your home. Keeping your home cohesive will make your home feel so much more inviting. So if your style is Vintage Farmhouse, resist the urge to buy that Boho inspired macrame wall hanging.

kids forest wallpaper bedroom

Britt just recently refreshed her sons' bedroom with this easy DIY forest wallpaper. Click here for the full tutorial 

Do you have a business or social media tip you can give to all those who want to start a blog or home decor business?

Social Media is a fantastic tool! It’s been a way to connect with other like-minded individuals. However, be prepared if you want to make it a business; it will require a lot more time than you probably think. Be aware of your time and the amount of Free content that you share. Check out our tips on what it means to be an influencer. 

There are always highs and lows of Instagram, but Brittany has built so many amazing opportunities for her life and has also gained some genuine friendships!

Wow. Brittany you made winter look like a dream, thank you for taking us on this winter wonderland tour. If you loved Britt's winter home tour let us know in the comments below!

  • Love the Latte Cup! I have to have it! How can I purchase? Thank you!

  • lynne richmond says:

    i can't imagine that you would find anything in your home to purge every month!!!! are your closets full of stuff???? i am not a minimalist; but i do love the simplicity of your home….. and am encouraged by your blog to rethink what i need and want!!! thanks.

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