March 25, 2020

tips to get thru covid-19

This past week has taken so many of us into uncharted territory and feeling somewhat lost in our own homes. For both of us, like so many of you, it all happened so fast that our new normal has been a bit of an adjustment. Here are a few things that we are finding helpful as we all hunker down and try and flatten that Covid-19 curve.

Covid 19 Support

 Can you find the light in the current situation? Yes, Covid-19 is taking over our lives, but nows the chance to reconnect, the chance to "CATCH UP," the chance to SLOW DOWN! Look at this quarantine like a "Quarantation" - a quarantine vacation! All of the times you have thought, 'if I could just spend a quiet weekend with my family getting back to basics' ... this is your opportunity! Don't miss it!

mom and son hugging during covid-19

Here are some tips that we have implemented to keep a postitive mindset!

Setting a Schedule

 With our families at home and life changing so quickly, we both got to setting a schedule right away! Kids, and adults, work much better with routine and a sense of normalcy! We both decided on day one that it was important to set up a daily plan to make sure our families are staying happy and healthy. We have a whole blog post on how to stay productive, starting with setting a strong goal foundation. Read all about it HERE!

good habits during Covid-19  with French Market bag and lilacs

Staying Active & Healthy Eating

 Now more than ever we need our bodies to be in tip top shape. A lot of us turn to poor food choices and not enough excersise when we are stressed. With so many elements in your life getting turned upside down, now is the time to try and check in with your body and make sure it is feeling strong and ready to fight off any exposure you may have. Get outside for a walk, do some yoga in the house and make healthy food choices!

sanding raw wood

Try to stay away from any processed foods and make sure you are eating enough Fats (brain food), Carbs (energy food) and Proteins (body recovery food). Take the time to look after your body because if you do get sick, all of these things should help make the illness less threatening to you ! Deb has bumped up her families vitamin C and D for the time being and tries to get the kiddos doing a physical family activity everyday!

Home Schooling Gym during Covid-19

Drin​​​​k Plenty of H2O

 This one is a no-brainer even without the Covid-19 pandemic at hand. Water is a so good for all of us and is one of the most under utilized supplements! If you need flavor try adding fruit to your water? Britt always fills up her coffee mug with water and drinks that before she lets herself fill it up with morning latte! Trust us it's an incentive to get that first glass of water in you in the morning! 

Washing Dishes in Farmhouse sink

Get Fresh Air and Sunlight

 Being cooped up inside can be very depressing for alot of people! Vitamin D is SO important and has so many health benefits!! Healthy bones and teeth as well as increase immune, brain and nervous system health. Science aside, as scary as it can be right now to go outdoors, it feels good to get some fresh air!! 

Vintage Society Winter Wonderland getting fresh air during Covid-19

Focus on Quality Sleep

  A good sleep will not only increase your immune system, but also decrease your stress level! Try adding a sleep routine to your evening to help you relax and fall into a better sleep at night. No TV an hour before bed, as your brain will be stimulated by the television.

Try having a bath, dimming the lights and listening to quiet music instead. This will help your body realize that it is time to get ready to sleep. Don't keep a clock or phone right beside the bed if you can, as it makes you more sensitive and stressed about how much sleep you are actually getting. Keep your bedroom cool as this will also allow your body to have a better sleep. 

White sheets and kitten

Work on Stress Managment!

 Thanks to Covid-19, everyone stress levels are heightened right now, but stress is SO hard on our immune systems! So do everything you can to keep that stress level down. Stay active... get the happy hormones pumping! Use the Headspace app and meditate. Journal if you need to, writing things down can really help reduce stress! Try writing down 5 things that you are thankful for or 5 things that you are looking forward to! Listen to music. Both of us have added music into the rooms we are teaching our kiddos in! And lastly... TURN OFF THE NEWS! Yes it is good to stay aware but don't obsess as it will only make you stress and worry.

yoga during covid-19

Call your Friends!

 Talk to people daily! It can get a bit lonely if you aren't ever leaving your home. Hit up your crew on Facetime or Google Duo and let your kiddos Facetime some of their friends because they are probably used to being social as well! 

facetime with friends

 Make Your BED​​​​

We have told you before, but making your bed every single day will give you a sense of accomplishment! No matter what else happens during your day, when you go to go to bed at the end of the day, you will know that you have accomplished at least that.... and that's something right?!!

make your bed with linen-sheets during cover-19

AND FINALLY... Help where you can

KARMA!! We believe in karma ... both good and bad! Use this time to build up some good karma if you can! Help where you can, as little as it may seem to you it may be the world to someone else! This doesn't just mean helping out with money. So many times Britt has received a funny meme at a time she is so frustrated and it just lightens the mood. Send your friends and family simple messages reminding them how much you care about them or just checking it! Everyone is struggling with the Covid-19 social restrictions.

The biggest thing we need to remember is that we are in this together!

If you are struggling financially we are hosting an auction March 30 - april 5, 2020 to assist a few families in need. if you are in need you can fill out a submission form here to receive money. 
We are lucky to have an amazing source of information on covid-19 from a trusted medical director in our province of alberta. if you are looking for some accurate information that is presented in a realistic, trusted way take a look at dr. hinshaw. 



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