October 2, 2020

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We love to share beautiful homes with all of you and this one is bound to put a smile on your face. When you visit our beautiful friend Christina from Thermaland Oaks home, you will find a variety of  adorable fur babies mixed with gorgeous decor! So get ready to enjoy this little slice of heaven right here on the blog today! Let's get right into the baby goats and cute donkey's shall we! Please welcome Christina, Thermaland Oaks!

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Thermaland Oaks

Home Tour Series:

Thermaland oaks

Thermaland Oaks
Can you give a brief introduction of yourself, your home and work? 

Hey friends my name is Christina! I have taken my Bachelors of Nutrition and love of health and wellness into us living on the homestead. We were overwhelmed by the commercial saturation consuming every aspect of our lives, we turned to self sufficiency and living off the land. I'm Christina, the now Farm girl, Crazy Goat Lady & Builder who took to learning how to homestead from the ground up. I have created @thermalandoaks in order to share all that I have learned on this journey to aid others attempting to shake the processed and packaged lifestyle consuming our lives.

Thermaland Oaks
What year was your home built and do you have any details of the history or building process you would like to share? 

My husband, Trevor & I have created our homestead through our passion and love for a more pure and holistic lifestyle and hope we can help you build yours. Living out here requires a fervent dedication to what truly matters most. A separation from materialism and commercialism allows a greater focus on nurturing sustenance and shelter into an ideal reality of our dreams. In 2018 we started our modern farmhouse home build and at the end of 2019 we added on for phase 2. We added on two bedrooms with one for a nursery for the arrival of our daughter, Frankie. We will add on again in the future not for a few years!

Thermaland Oaks
How do you define your decor style? What are your favourite types of decor?

Modern Farmhouse and I love old chandeliers and gold touches. I think that puts me at European Farmhouse love too with the gold and our rock walls in our home. I love bright whites and neutral textures.

donkey in nursery
What is your favourite thing about your home? Do you have a favourite room or furniture piece?

I love the rock wall in our kitchen. It was a must have of mine & we are expanding our rock wall into our entryway too!

Goats in sink
Do you have any big future plans for your home? What is next for you or your home? 

Yes we will be adding on again the future for phase 3 of our homebuild. It is so exciting - we are wrapping up our barn remodel right now too!

Thermaland Oaks
If you had one design or decor tip, what would it be? 

You do not have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home. Most of the time I just use what I gather from around the homestead in the season for example right now I use fresh picked pumpkins, apples and dried leaves and steps for vases with flowers.

Thermaland Oaks
Do you have a business or social media tip you can give to all those who want to start a blog or home decor business?

Yes collaborate with like accounts and really connect with others. Try and give our information and dit ideas weekly to inspire others 🙂

Sending love friend!!!

Thermaland Oaks

Well, we hope that gave you all the fill of baby goats and cuteness that you needed today and that you loved Christina as much as we do! Does that make you want to go get some cute farm animals of your own? Like always, we love to hear from you so let us know in the comments below!

  • I am in love with Christina's style, her home and especially her goats….actually all her animals are amazing.. Her sweet, little baby girl's bedroom is gorgeous. She made my day. Thanks for sharing.

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