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September 23, 2020

Instagram Influencer Cover Page

The Nitty Gritty on Instagram Influencers

Grab a latte, take a little break and let’s chat Instagram! Britt and Deb have both built a large part of their business because of Instagram! This social media platform has a unique ability to group and bring niches together. Within our home décor niche we have spent many hours chatting with friends who share similar and passions and goals. What we have discovered is that these simple messages have turned into real friendship! Are you curious what we are chatting about? Or better yet, what it is we do as Instagram Influencers? Let’s dive in!

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Britt on Bench Instagram influencers

Instagram Influencers

First, we have found that there are so many supportive women (yes, there are men in the niche, but the great majority are women). It is women supporting women! Sharing ideas about personal development, recipe ideas, decorating ideas and business tips! Over the last couple years Instagram has become a “Real Business,” and a main avenue for advertising.

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Brands began giving “influencers” free product in exchange for advertising and promoting their products. However, in the last few years “influencers” have been more assertive about receiving monetary compensation for the promotion of a businesses products and services.

Listen Up!!

If you are an Instagram Influencer please HEAR this … There is value in what you share with your community! Your time is not FREE!

White.Farmhouse as an instagram influencer for best buy

If you are a business looking to have your product or services promoted please HEAR this … just like you put effort into building your business, influencers have also put in effort building their community and creating trust with those people. Just like you need money to pay bills, influencers are in a similar boat.

Mortgages and groceries can’t be paid for with pillows and rugs. Influencers and businesses need to be respectful of each other’s time and the value they have put into the business each has built!

packaging a market basket with press and seal

Small Business Owners

Owning a physical business and also belonging to the Instagram Influencer side gives us a unique perspective. We have put countless hours into our Vintage Society Shop and countless hours into building our community. This is why we have not asked our Influencer friends to promote our products because we respect their time and value and have not set funds aside to pay for their promotion.

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Influencers vs. Businesses

Let’s break down a few tips for the Instagram Influencers and for business’s about how to increase your engagement and build your community.

For the Instagram Influencer:

1. That number you are constantly looking to grow is your community (not a random number). Respect them for being there.
2. There will be “brands” that are willing to pay for promotion of a product or service you may not agree with … do NOT work with these companies because of #1!
Britt and Deb in wine country on a tour as instagram influencers

3. As much as you don't want to be giving away free content at all times... DO NOT sell all of the time either. It’s a balance of giving Free advice, tips, services and asking for monetary compensation.
4. Acknowledge if this is a Job or a hobby. For us, Instagram started out as a hobby of sharing our homes, however it has evolved into a legitimate job. If you want this to be your job you need to show up consistently, engage with your community on a real level. Answer people, share and be helpful. If you are on Instagram as a hobby that is awesome, relax and enjoy sharing what you want!

instagram influencer garden harvest cover page

For the business with a physical product or a service to offer:

1. You will naturally be selling more to your community than offering Free advice and tips and that is what you are here for!
2. Rather than constantly selling on every Instagram post offer tips on how your product work, how to use it in unique ways and FAQ are a great way to mix different content into your grid!
3. Share other business’s!! Say what? Promote another product or brand? YESSS! Let’s work together! For example, you sell hats and you find a fellow IG account who sells scarves… cross promote! Send each other products and take pictures of the items together! Offer discounts if you buy one product you get a coupon to the other shop. This is a great way to grow and get outside promotion if you don’t have a budget for advertising.

deb as an instagram influencer apple in Basket and Scarf

Don't Forget to Get Paid

Advertising on social media will continue to grow and if you are a business or looking to delve into the world of influencing there is money to be made. It is not a piece of cake to build a brand just like its not easy to build a community and following that trust what you have to say. Whatever avenue you may fall under be respectful of everyones time and what they have worked hard to build.

White Farmhouse dining table

We have friends on IG who are scared to ask for money when brands want them to promote their products.... here is what we have told them. When you tell a brand you will promote their product for FREE, then you take away the power from other influencers that  ask for money to work with the same brand. You can only have so many items in your house and free products cannot pay the bills so understand what kind of collaboration you are starting.

INterior Designers

Want to dive deeper into the world of Social Media? Stay tuned for our online workshop Socialize your Biz. And if you aren't already, you can follow both Deb @BVintageStyle and Britt @White.Farmhouse on our Shop Page @vintagesocietyco to keep up with all our shop updates and social media tips!

  1. Thank you for this! Why do I get the feeling that talking about being an influencer is so taboo? Like a guarded secret. I have so many questions! Thanks for sharing and being open about the process.

  2. I love your blog and been following you for a bit now. You inspire me and hope one day to become a blogger and influencer as well… keep up the good work
    Connie…all the way from Zimbabwe, Africa

  3. Loved this post. Glad to see someone speaking up about influencers

  4. Thank you! Your information and if posts and stores are really helpful. And visually beautiful. I am not an influencer but do try to build my community to sell my own product, especially now during covid. I have really enjoyed seeing your feeds and learning from you. Thank you!

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