November 5, 2021

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Team Favourite's

Every so often, you hear us talk about our VSC team, but we don't always go into detail about the amazing ladies that work for us. We figured it was time you get to know these hard working women and find out what their favourite items are from our online shop. Consider this your insider scoop to the good stuff and enjoy our team's favourites!

To make things even more fun and get you all in the holiday spirit, we've put our all of our Team Favourite's on sale! But only from November 7th, 2021 to November 13th, 2021 

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Britt's Pick
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Our Snow queen Britt, is obsessed with anything Winter or Christmas. We are all surprised that she didn't put up a mini tree in the bell tent the second it started snowing in October. Now that she's in the bell tent into the cooler months, Britt has dubbed the Tartan wool blanket as her all time favourite item from this year's Holiday Collection.

This queen size Scottish throw is the perfect fit for our snow queen. Britt loves it draped over the end of her bed to keep her toes warm and safe from Tiger sneak attacks. Do you have a book worm on your Christmas list? Then this Merino Wool Throw is the perfect gift for them to snuggle up in. But of course, you can never go wrong with a vintage enamel bucket for the mini tree lover in your life. 

Ali's Pick
ali team picks

Ali is one of our OG girls and has been with us for a few years now. She's had a few different titles over the years but we've settled on Virtual Assistant. Although Ali lives close to Deb, we almost never see her! She lives a busy farm life while also raising 2 littles. So when we asked Ali what her favourite item in the shop was, it was no surprise that she said the Laundry Package!

Ali swears by the stain removing stick, she says it even works to get out the tough stains like diaper explosions on baby clothes and odd farm stains on denim. She also loves that it's all natural and safe to use on baby items. Every mom on your Christmas list deserves this cute little package. Heck, anyone on your list! We all have to do laundry, why not make it just a little more enjoyable? 

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Chelsey's Pick
chelsey team favourites

Chelsey is the one who keeps us all inline! Our Official Gopher, if you will. When Britt and Deb start brainstorming, Chelsey gives them a quick reality check. She also happens to be Britt's life long best friend which means she's been a die hard VSC fan since day one! Chelsey has purchased one of EVERYTHING from the shop over the years, making it a little tricky for her to nail down a favourite. But she always goes back to the round Balsa Bowls as the perfect all around gift. She uses them in her decor for all four seasons and finds them to be the perfect gift for that "hard to shop for" person on her list.

Chelsey has purchased multiple Balsa Bowls, filled them with other small house-hold goodies like our scrub brushes or Vintage Society Co. Candles. Then she wraps them in clear plastic with a bow as the perfect little gift! We could all use a Chelsey in our lives, even if it's just to wrap our gifts. 

Deb's Pick
Knitted Toque

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Deb is our cozy queen. If you missed the blog post dedicated to her entire cozy wardrobe, well you better click here because this girl will keep you warm and super cute this season. When we asked her what her favourite item form the shop was, she simply said Toques. It's no surprise she couldn't pick one style, because you can find Deb in all 3 styles on any given day.

They also make for a great gift! There are so many colours to choose from, you really could gift them to so many people on your list, and we promise not to tell if you sneak one in the cart for yourself. 

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Jody's Pick
jody's team favourites

Sweet Jody is our gift wrapping extraordinaire! Her official title is Shop Manager and she's a complete boss babe! Jody is a numbers machine and when it comes to our shop products, she knows them all inside and out. Did you know that jody hand wraps each and every single order? That's a big task for one lady, and she does with ease! But she will be the first to admit that her favourite shop item is our line of French Linen Towels mostly because they are the quickest item to wrap and ship!

 They also look amazing all year long, and with such a variety of colours to choose from they make the perfect last minute gift. Think of all the people you know that have moved this year. You can bet that a fresh stack of linen kitchen towels would be loved by every single one of them. You can also find them in our Christmas came early package. Another perfectly wrapped gift for that new home owner. 

vsc team favourites

That's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed getting to know our team a little better we've helped you check off a few more names on that Christmas list. Say hi to our team in the comments below and tell us what your favourite item is in our shop!

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