January 31, 2020

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5 Top Table Decorations For Valentine's Day

There is something so sweet and special about decorating for Valentine's Day. Although neither of the girls go overboard with LOVE day decorations, it is nice to add a bit of romance to your home this time of year. Both Deb and Britt added touches of Valentine's Day table decorations to their homes this year. Take a look below at a few simple ideas and the 5 top table decorations to get you through the Valentine's Day season! And if you are joining us today from sweet Judy's blog, Life is Better at Home, WELCOME!

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K.I.S.S Table Decorations

K.I.S.S. stands for keep it simple sweets! It's the time of year to have a little fun with your table and other areas of your home. This doesn't mean adding red hearts all over your home or light up love signs all over your house. Rather add simple textures and elements that make a space feel soft and romantic.  For both girls on their wedding day, decor was a big part of their focus! This is the one time of the year they can romance their homes like they did for their weddings! A simple but beautiful Valentine's Day look can be achieved by adding any of these 5 elements to your home or tablescape.

Decorating a valentine's day table
Dinning Table with Flowers
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Valentine's Day table decorations

#1 Fresh Flowers

As always, both girls love to use fresh elements in their homes. Of course, roses are usually the flower of choice for most on Valentine's day. However, we wanted to share some other blooms that bring in a touch of romance. Roses are often over priced this time of year so thinking outside the box can also save some money.

hydrangeas and white decor on a table

Deb used a bundle of white hydrangeas to add some softness and elegance to her Valentines table decor. She also used different textures by adding woven plate chargers underneath her french iron stone plates and bowls! Deb also cut a few branches off of a cherry tree outside. These branches add a bit of the outdoors inside, and add some texture to her arrangement. Simple yet soft and romantic! 

Looking for more ways to bring outdoor elements inside? Check out some of our favourite outdoor elements!

Simple Table Decorations

Another option to avoid paying the hefty price tag of roses, is with simple flowers that have the colours and tones of "traditional" Valentine's Day. Britt picked up some affordable Alstroemeria and Lillies. Alstroemeria is hearty and requires very little care! A great tip for making small bundles of flowers go further is my placing single stems in glass vases! 

#2 Hearts

Deb's 7 year old daughter thinks this is the best holiday of the year because she loves hearts so much! She helped mom out this year by using a heart shaped paper cutter to cut out pretty heart confetti. Using white printer paper and vintage book pages to get neutral colours to sprinkle around the plate setting. The two also made some yummy gingerbread mug huggers and garland by using heart shaped cookie cutters. Although, this recipe is often used for Christmas time, it worked just as well for Valentine's Day. Simply substitute the house cookie cutter for a heart shape! 

French iron stone and hearts on a table
#3 Candles

Candles are also a must when setting the mood for Valentine's Day table decorations. Set them up individually or add them all together in a bucket like Britt has done. Deb placed hers in a small ironstone pitcher. They add an element of romance to the space whether you are celebrating with your significant other or your whole family. 

Candle decorations on a Valentine's table

Britt used an entire bucket filled with ultra skinny candles and added a few pops of colour with some fresh flowers. There is no need to go over the top with Valentine's Day decor, even staying away from the traditional colours is ok too! Just do what works for you! At the end of the day Valentine's Day is meant to celebrate the love and happiness you share with your family!

Skinny Candles and Flowers

#4 Linens for Table Decorations

Linen is the girl's favourite fabric! In fact, both girls have a collection of new and vintage linen's.  They even carry their own custom designed line over in the Shop! Linens add an element of texture to the table and soften the space.

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Deb went with a large raw edge table runner she made out of old scrap linen she had. The raw edges make the space seem a little less formal then it would without it.  She also added a folded up piece underneath each of the place settings to soften the look of each setting. You could do the same with affordable towels or material if linen is too costly!

little girl decorating for valentines day

#5 Mixing Textures

Not only does adding linen's to a space give a softer feel, but mixing textures is a must as well! Deb also used different textures by adding woven plate chargers underneath her french iron stone plates and bowls! She also used a vintage floral bucket for her fresh flowers which gives a beautiful contrast against the wood farmhouse table. 

A great rule of thumb for mixing textures is to have something: 
1. Glass
2. Wood
3. Linen or fabric
4. Metal or smooth

french linen's, cafe chairs and candles

Adding any of these decorations to your table or home this time of year will give the space a fun, romantic feel! Like we said before, this holiday doesn't need to be taken overboard. In fact we prefer it simple and natural but it is enjoyable get in the LOVE day spirit! How do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Do you have any traditions you keep? We would love to hear about them if you do!  Please leave us a comment below or send us a message! Happy L-O-V-E Day decorating!

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