May 16, 2021

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Summer Style

We would never consider ourselves fashion bloggers, but we are constantly being asked to share our outfits or links to our favourite home decor items. After months of being inspired by you, we've decided to compile our favourite summer style staples from our closest's. Along with a few summer decor finds. Check out the patio refresh ideas below!

summer style
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Debs' Summer Picks 

Deb is ALWAYS on the go. If she's not running her kids from event to event, she's at the gym, in her garden or finding a new project for around the home. Here are her favourite items that keep her stylish while still allowing her to run from one project to another.

Deb's spring must haves
B Vintage Style Deb

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Deb also spends A LOT of her free time at her tiny home in the summer. You can find her rocking flip flops, a Vintage Society Ball Cap and multiple other VSC Swag. She also decks out her entire tiny cabin in seasonal VSC items. Shop her favourites here. 

Britts' Summer Picks

Britt is a minimalist at heart and prefers not to keep up with the fast fashion fads each season. That being said, she does like to get a couple new items here and there to keep her wardrobe fresh. Take a look at Britts' summer staples. 

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Britt's travel outfit

Britt spends the majority of her free time in her garden, usually rocking bare feet, ripped jeans, a white tee and a VSC Woven Garden Hat and of course an apron. Shop her favourite VSC Swag below. 

Patio Refresh

Since we are in our third round of lockdown, we will be spending a lot more time at home this summer. Here are a few of our favourite patio refresh ideas.

Deb patio table covered patio area
Patio Refresh mood board
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Deborah McDOnald


AKA @bvintagestyle

Small town girl living in a 1903 Heritage home she dreamed of as a child.

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Brittany Hislop


AKA @white.farmhouse

Living a simple life in a rural Alberta town and painting her house white as she goes!

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