October 22, 2020

Christmas Wish List cover page

Christmas Wish List

It's the most wonderful time of the year to get a jump start on your Christmas list! We compiled a Christmas wish list inspired by small shops for you to shop from the comfort of home. There is something so magical about Christmas Time, and we love to take advantage while we can!

Christmas wish list stringing lights on the Christmas tree with tiger the cat playing

It can often be hard to maintain a minimalist style thru the holidays, and we fully acknowledge that this is the time of year where we have more items than usual in our homes. However, we wanted to share some of our favourite items that we will be including in our homes for Christmas this year. The great thing about a lot of these items is that they can carry thru all WINTER as well. Winter is almost eight months long, so we love investing in these simple cozy elements. Take a look at our small shop Christmas wish list. Now,  a few items (like red & white twine) are from places like Amazon, but as much as possible is from small shops!

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Twinkle Lights

Of course, our favourite is the twinkle light! These are a great piece that can be used around your home year-round! There is something so cozy about that warm white glow! And when you grab the plug-in version of twinkle lights, you can leave them on for days on end!

twinkle lights running across antique farmhouse table

Up your twinkle light game with these cute Scandinavian inspired lights. Britt loves hanging them around the house or lined up down the centre of her table! 


Our custom line of candles has been made with every detail considered. We wanted to bring you the perfect candle to make your home as cozy as possible! The rosewood wicks crackle so loud and give you all holiday feels! Collect them all in our Cozy Candle Sampler Package.

Cozy Candle Sampler 2

Our 2021 Holiday Collection is simple and timeless, featuring a handmade Stoneware Candle Stick Holder. This entire collection is beautifully curated to inspire you to stay home for the holidays. Find the full collection in our online shop

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Red and White ticking linen. The perfect way to add a bit of colour to your holiday decor! Hang a towel on a hook or fold it up in a basket; we love this ticking colour combination!

red ticking Kitchen Towels


Scarves aren't just for wearing! Honestly, we use scarves more for home decor than actually wearing, haha. Place them over the back of a chair or curl it up and add it to a basket with some twinkle lights and you have the perfect simple centrepiece!

twinkle lights on head board with scarf on the bed

Balsa Bowls

These vintage Balsa Wood bowls beauties came from Turkey and are new to the shop! We can't wait to fill them with twinkle lights and vintage ornaments!

round balsa bowls stacked and filled with eggs

Mini Trees

Making a little woodland forest is the perfect minimalist touch. Britt had a friend make her some mini wooden trees, but we found some great options on Etsy as well so that you can enjoy this look. Want some white trees? Grab some chalk paint and paint a few when they arrive!

Christmas wish list Simple Christmas Setting

Handmade Ornaments

Ornaments aren't just for the tree! These ceramic ornaments that Britt ordered off Etsy will be perfect for a simple touch to the tree. But she can't wait to add red and white twine and hang them from her vintage hook racks throughout her home. The stars will be so cute to use all winter long!

Christmas wish list dried orange slices

The star ornaments, Britt ordered with an extra hole so that she can link them together to make garland. Mini ceramic houses will be so cute hung from her tree.

Vintage Ornaments

We love the glass ornaments that we remember as children, so delicate and shiny. The plastic ones they make now just aren't the same. Deb has collected vintage ornaments for years and they are the only thing she decorates her natural trees with! Even in the summertime, if she finds vintage ornaments at yard sales, second hand stores or antique shops, she ALWAYS buys them!  Deb has found them on Ebay in the past or check out these Vintage Ornaments from Etsy that Britt ordered. Ornaments also look cute placed in a vintage bucket or container on your coffee or side table. 

Christmas wish list vintage ornaments

Have you seen our 2021 Christmas Collection? It features a show-stopping Embossed Mercury Glass Garland that just screams vintage inspired. Along with our Embossed Mercury Glass Ornaments and Mini Scandinavian Stocking Set, you'll be set for a cozy Christmas. 

mercury glass garland-1

Vintage or Linen Stockings

Unique stockings made from vintage materials are one of our favourites! Check out these mini stockings from Penny and Ivy made from Vintage Grain sacks that Britt ordered!

Christmas wish list handmade stockings

Deb designed her family's stockings and had them made out of both red ticking and white linen. She wanted them long and skinny with a bit of a scandinavian flare and she even got everyone's initials hand stitched on them! They are one of her favorite additions to her Christmas collection. You can have them made here! 

These minimalist stockings are very cute as well!

Our talented friend Rhonda from Hallstrom Home has also made the most beautiful Red and White Ticking Stockings that you can grab here!

Chunky Throws

Nothing says cozy quite like a chunky wool blanket! In the past, both girls have used these on the sofa and as a tree skirt! Talk about adding texture to a space!

Chunky Knit Blanket

This beautiful one from Etsy is even on sale right now.

Plaid Trappers Blankets

We both love adding chunky wool throws at Christmas time. They are so timeless and classic. This vintage Pendleton tartan blanket is so beautiful and the perfect addition at Christmas time! 

Skinny Candles

These delicate skinny taper candles are so pretty. You can keep two candles connected with their wicks and hang them on a hook or group a bunch together and add them to a bucket. Or find unique containers to place them in. 

skinny candles on table

We will warn you that they are expensive, and finding ways to have them stand up in traditional candles holders can be tricky. 

outdoor living areas

Some of our favourite items don’t stop at Christmas Home Decor. Check out some our favourite Winter Everyday Styles. Boots, sweaters, slippers and the best cozy socks!

Plus boots look so cute displayed around the home as well!

Congrats you read all the way to the END!! Now, we have a gift for you. Use the code "CHRISTMAS" and get 10% off your order from our Vintage Society Co. SHOP until December 25th, 2020. We would also love for you to leave us a comment below!

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    Thank you for being different from all the Instagram accounts. Your style is so special, minimalist and truly inspiring and I LOVE your Christmas decoration ideas

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