September 26, 2019

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Social Media continues to become a bigger way that business' communicate with their audience. Vintage Society relies heavily on Social media to be able to reach all of you. however, trying to keep up with the best ways to share with all of you can be difficult so there are a few tools that we use to make things a bit smoother! 

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Simple Social Tools

Simple Social Tools 

We are assuming that you are interested in any tips and tricks you can get on this whole social media world! We get it!!!  It seems to always be changing and can sometimes feel totally overwhelming and consuming! Are we right?? Well there are definitely a few apps out there that can make it all a bit more manageable and allow you to stand out from the rest! 

We have both been at this whole social media game for some time now. Even so, everyone seems to tell you something different when it comes to social media but these are the apps that make the biggest difference for us! Whether you are a business, brand or blogger these apps should make life a bit easier for you and allow you to stand out from the crowd!

Adobe Lightroom

It is no secret that good images are where it is at with all social media platforms. You only have a moment to impress and convince that viewer to pay attention to your feed or photo! It is SO important you make it count with a good image!!! Even if you have a great photo, if it is dark and unedited, it’s probably not going to hold on to someone’s attention the way an edited one would! If you want to learn more on how we do our stylized photography, head to our full blog post on it. 

And to help make editing easier we have created 4 Fall Inspired Lightroom Presets that you can grab to make creating beautiful images even easier!

Want more tips on photography?? Check out our post on Stylized Photography here! You can find our recommended camera's below.

Canva - Helps combine text & Imagery

  • This app is such a great tool to use for your business online or just in general! Any type of marketing, watermark or promotion can be applied to an image using this tool and it has become a go to for us here at Vintage Society. There are so many fonts and templates to choose from! You even have the ability to choose the type of template for the specific platform you are posting on. i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram  This is a must have app if you are a brand or business.
  • We make most of our cover pages like this one for our Fall Fells Lightroom Presets in Canva.
  • Fall Lightroom Presets

    Preview: Planner for Instagram

    This simple social tool truly helps you stay consistent on your feed and organized prior to posting. The app allows you the ability to view your feed prior to posting on Instagram! Preview: Planner for Instagram allows you to batch content which will help you during the week to not eat up time posting on the fly or deleting after the fact because you don't love how the image looks with the rest of your feed!


    Stories are all the rage! It’s like having your own reality T.V channel and everyone can watch! So, how do you stand out from the rest??? You get the right tools to do so! Mojo allows you to make your images into a presentable video! The best part is you can do it very quickly and easily! This app will give your Stories a polished, professional look and allow everyone to enjoy your story a little bit more! 

    Tailwind Helps keep social media posting on track

    Although we both recommend posting in real time over batching, sometimes this isn’t an option for people. That’s when you can use an app like Tailwind. We use it more for Pinterest than for Instagram, but it is a great tool for both. 

    If you have a bunch of batched images from a photoshoot, you can use this tool to set up your posts ahead of time. Set aside on hour or two at the start of every week and schedule all of your posts for the week!  

    B Vintage Style Simple Social Tools


  • Sometimes you may want to make videos for your IGTV or Stories. iMovie is a free program that will allow you to ‘produce’ your own quality videos easily and quickly! You will be able to separate the audio and video, layer in music, speed up or slow down your video and combine images with your video’s, just to name a few.
  • This youtube video of our last Design Challenge was made using the app IMovie.
  • InShot

  • This app is very similar to iMovie, however it is a better finished product for using in your Stories! The video is a vertical layout as opposed to iMovies horizontal layout! 
  • Instagram Tags

  • Hashtags can really make a difference to your traffic and to who see’s your stories and posts. At the same time, it can feel like a lot of work remembering all of the hashtags you need for each and every post. This app allows you to save the tags you uses a lot in one spot and add some recommended tags based on the type of image you are posting! 
  • Unfold

  • This app is a great one to use for both Stories and posting! It gives you a beautiful way to layout your images for a marketing campaign or promotion! You are able to keep consistency with each of your images and offer a magazine type feel to your feature. Consistently is after all key!  
  • Want to overhaul your online presence? Sign up for our Online Mentorship course!!

    Social Media Apps to Avoid

    So while there are some helpful apps out there we also want to chat about some that you should avoid! Avoid any of those apps that track accounts that unfollow you! First those apps can take you down a spiral tunnel of doubting and questioning if you are good enough. Second, if someone doesn't want to follow you then you don't need their negative energy around you anyway!

    Next, avoid social media apps that can track things like your engagement and stats specific about your followers. Information like this is available when you become a business or creator account on Instagram. The information that the apps themselves are giving to the users is more than enough information to help you determine posting times and the analytics of your audience.

    White Farmhouse Lilacs Simple Social Tools

    Allowing these 3rd party apps access to your social media accounts puts you at risk for having your account hacked and technically the information they are gathering is not as accurate as the app itself. Britt used to have a few of these apps installed on her phone and it actually hindered her engagement and growth. 

    To sum it up AVOID trying to gather information from third party apps than you are giving access to your accounts that you work so hard on!

    Have you thought about starting a BLOG? Check out Ashley from JOYFULLY Growing post on THE SECRET TO TURNING SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS INTO BLOG READERS!

    KEEP IT Simple

    Well, that is that friends! These apps really are our go to’s for both our business and personal social media brands and we hope you enjoyed this post on simple social tools! They help us get great results quickly and easily, which is what it is all about! We hope you find them as easy to use and impactful as we do!! We would love to hear if you have any go to apps that you use!  As always, we are real people behind this post, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us an email. 

  • Such great information and tips! Thanks, Deb and Britt! :o)

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