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Vintage Enamel Bucket

These Vintage French Enamel Buckets have become one of Deb and Britt’s favorite pieces that they use year round.

Each one boasts its’ own patinaed flair from years of love and use and comes in either white, a beautiful muted pastel yellow, or a vintage eggshell blue. These stunning one-of-a-kind buckets are each slightly different in wear due to their individual pasts.


Vintage Enamel Bucket

We love pieces that are both functional and beautiful, and these Vintage Enamel Buckets are no exception. Use them for flowers in the spring, and for mini trees in the winter. Have it hanging on a rack with all your garden tools ready to go or simply use it to bring in your garden veggies. The options are endless!

Large Buckets are approx. 11.5 inches across and 11 inches tall

Small bucket is approx. 10 inches across and 10.5 inches tall




Dark Blue, Muted Pastel Blue, Muted Pastel Blue Mini, Muted Pastel Yellow, Vintage White

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