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Vintage French Bucket and Linen Apron Package

These beautiful 1900 C French enamel buckets are one of our favs to use year round! Each has its own beautiful unique patina! This package has one enamel bucket and one of our original Vintage Society Co. Apron, a pair of vintage-inspired scissors and a beautiful mango wood spoon.

Choose between a Blue Bucket with a Beige Apron OR a Yellow Bucket with a Blue Apron. The best part, each piece serves as functional and beautiful vintage decor! Now the one question is, which colour option will you choose?

Package Includes:

Your choice of 1 Blue Vintage Bucket with 1 Beige Apron OR 1 Yellow Vintage Bucket with 1 Blue Apron

1 pair of 121mm vintage-inspired scissors

1 mango wooden spoon



Vintage Fench Enamel Bucket Package

Get ready for gardening with this spring-inspired package. Each package has one Vintage Enamel bucket, one of our original Vintage Society co. Aprons in either beige or blue, a pair of vintage-inspired scissors, and a mango wood spoon.



blue bucket with beige apron, yellow bucket with blue apron

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