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Vintage Scandinavian Stockings

Natural linen mini stockings made from Vintage European Grainsacks.

Set includes 12 mini stockings that are each unique and one of a kind. Because these stockings are handmade from vintage materials, each stocking will vary slightly in colour, pattern and size.

Stockings are Handmade by Penny & Ivy.

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Scandinavian Mini Stocking Set

Handmade with Vintage European Grainsacs, these tiny stockings are a holiday favourite in our homes.  We love hanging these mini stockings all around the house as cute little accents, or they also make the perfect tree ornaments.

Each set of 12 comes with a variety of sizes and style stockings, so every set is unique!

Each stocking comes with a mini tag that is blank. You can number, initial, or stamp each tag as it suits your home and family.

Stocking sizes range from 4.5″ to 7.5″ tall.




Elk Embossed Rolling Pin, Snowflake Embossed Rolling Pin

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