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Imperfects Sale

Sometimes during the handmade process, one comes out imperfect, or a little bit different, but not any less than! These products are still perfect to use. So if a few bumps and bruises (obvious discoloration, multiple spots, minor cracks, atypical size or shape, etc.) doesn’t stop you from scoring a deal, then check out our list of beautiful products with their own unique flaws.

Please refer to the original product page for details and care instructions for the item.


Imperfects Sale

These imperfect products are perfect for those who are on a budget and still want to start or continue collecting beautiful Vintage Society Co items!

We thoroughly evaluate our products and some of these have a few more natural defects in the handmade process than our regularly listed products.

You will not be able to choose the detail of your imperfection.

All Imperfect sales are FINAL.


Hand-Pinched Pottery Berry Bowl, Hand-Pinched Pottery Bowl, Hand-Pinched Pottery Coffee Mug, Hand-Pinched Pottery Latte Mug

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