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  • USD: 39.95$
(Approx. 39.95$)


Hand Made Ceramic Mug

Our unique hand made ceramic mug.  These mugs are made using the pinched pottery technique.  Each hand made mug is unique and varies in size, colour and shape.  Most mugs are a whiteish/natural colour.

Out of stock

Hand made pinched pottery ceramic mug.

Each mug is approximately 5 inch in diameter.

Please note that each mug is hand made and completely one of a kind.


  1. Pamela

    Please let me know when you have mugs in again.

    • Britt Hislop

      We are putting the last mug in stock right now!

    • Britt Hislop

      The mugs have been restocked!

  2. Tina

    I adore the mugs, and would love for you to let me know when they are back in stock!!!
    Glad you’re feeling better!!!

    • Britt Hislop

      They were just restocked!!

  3. Tracy

    Are you ever going to have the ceramic mug back in stock? I don’t know why I took so long to want the darn thing but now I do. Lol.

    • Britt Hislop

      They were just restocked!

  4. Jillian Parrish

    Please let me know when these are restocked!

    • Britt Hislop

      We will send out an email to our email subscribers as soon as they are restocked!

  5. Diane (verified owner)

    Please notify of restock

  6. Sheena

    Love a mug when they come in

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