May 28, 2021

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What are we thinking? Are we going to regret this? Yes, we are leaving our 3000 sq. ft. home to live in a 200 sq. ft off-the-grid bell tent. This is not an ideal situation, but we will make the most of it, and I am actually starting to look forward to it (I may have a different opinion come the Fall).

off the grid

No, we have not sold our house, but the people moving into our home sold their home, which sold faster than anticipated. I knew I wanted to be close to the new build in Revelstoke as soon as they started building, and this just gave us a push to figure something out. 

Is this the first time hearing that Britt is moving? Check out why her family is making the move West HERE. 

Britts 3000sft home

There will be a new family moving into our home in July; we will be sharing our home over the summer. My family will primarily be living in the off-the-grid bell tent in Revelstoke, but we will periodically come back to clean up and enjoy some modern conveniences like a flushing toilet, haha.

Why a Tent?

So why don’t we find a place to rent in Revelstoke? Well, the Revelstoke market is a wee bit insane right now … everything is taken quickly and is expensive. Plus, if we live right on our land where the house is being built, then it will be easier for me to work on house projects while the boys can play outside … or pick up roots and rocks, hehe

Why don’t we buy an RV or motorhome? Honestly, I think it would be more work? Remember, my hubby works away A LOT, so it’s not like I can just take the RV and refill water or empty the septic tank. Plus, I really don’t like them. And right now, they are costly and hard to find, and after this summer, I would never want to stay in one again. Whereas, the off-the-grid bell tent we may set up for people to come and stay in eventually!

Also, I tell people I am not above going to stay in a hotel for a few nights if we need a break. And we plan on probably going back to our house a couple of times during the summer to reset and grab a few more things.

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What about the critters?

What is happening with Annie, our dog, the cats and the KITTENS! They are coming along too! I want Annie there for protection. She is a fantastic guard dog for wildlife. As far as the cats go, my husband actually said there is no way I could not bring them. A lot of people are often too afraid to let their cats out. But trust me … most cats do not want to leave the house!

White Farmhouse in Winter

So what's the plan?

We have a generator that we will be using for power when I need it. No, I don’t want to invest in solar panels. I’m not going to start on all of the reasons why I don’t agree with solar panels;)

Water?? We just discovered a creek above our property, so I think this will be our primary source until our well for our home is drilled.

Britt's off-the-grid essentials

Le Toliet – the question I have been getting asked the most! First, having 3 boys definitely makes things easier as they are used to peeing in the yard. I am not above squatting when needed, haha

Beside our land is the Nordic Centre and they have a nice, clean outhouse that we may use on occasion. Otherwise, we will probably bring in a porta-potty. We don’t want to build an outhouse because we don’t want to have that on our property after we are done building.

Bell Tent

Heat – I have ordered a stove that will go inside the tent. The stove is excellent because you can cook on top of it, but it also has a built-in container on the side that will boil water. Revelstoke is much warmer than where our current house is. I would never consider living in a tent in Alberta. I am hopeful by the end of September that the shell of our shop is up so that we can possibly move the tent under the shop structure. If it’s not then, we may end up living in a hotel for a month or so or finding an Air B n B.

Lattes – to be honest, this is what I am most concerned about, haha I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or anything like that, BUT I do LOVE my coffee. Deb and I purchased these French perk-style latte makers and hoping this will do the trick, or else I will be taking my big Saeco machine and plugging it into the generator!

What about wildlife and food?

Wild Life! We are decently secluded. We will take our enclosed snowmobile trailer and store food and our clothes in without having to worry about animals getting into it.

Keeping food cold? We will probably dig a cooler into a stream. We are living at the bottom of the mountain, so there are a few little streams that we should be able to utilize. Also, we will buy a lot of fresh produce. The boys and I are not big eaters and often live off of crackers and fruit and veggies, haha.

Britt's family

Well, that’s our plan for now! I’m sure there will be moments that I completely regret this, but I am hopeful that this will be an experience we look back on with fond memories!

Tell me … do you think I'm crazy for wanting to live off-the-grid with the boys? Or do you think it sounds like a fun adventure you would love to try?

  • Karen Riggs says:

    Wanting to do this with your sons is a testament to your skills as a Mother, wife, and woman. I admire your strength, wisdom and zest for life. Amazing life, and life lessons that will more than prepare your sons to become contributors to our society.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      That is such a kind thing to share. Have a wonderful day.

  • Nope not for me first thing that comes to mind is bear encounters near camp. Camping is not my thing and lack of amenities no thanks. I wish you well in your new adventure and look forward to following you.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Yes, it’s not for everyone! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Lisa L McGarvey says:

    I am eager to follow you on your journey. I have several questions, will you hire a contractor? Building crew? Are you planning on having a crew build the exterior and then you doing the interior? After several construction. Projects I’ve come to realize timelines go out the window week one!
    Where will your boys attend school? Will you be closer to your husband in this new area? Will you have Internet?
    I wish you the best. You are a brave woman!!!

    • Vintage Society says:

      Thank you for sharing in the excitement and kind words! Follow along as I share and document the journey and I’m sure many of your questions will be answered!

  • It will be the best summer ever and provide you a lifetime of memories. You will discover how very little you actually need any of the stuff people have been asking you about! Fyi coffee or in your case lattes taste way better under an open sky.. Your boys are going to have the experience of a lifetime this summer ????

    • Vintage Society says:

      So true on all accounts! A summer to never forget I’m sure!

  • No! What a amazing opportunity you are getting!

    • Vintage Society says:

      ha ha, yup it’s not for everyone! It definitely is an amazing opportunity!

  • I think it's amazing and I would totally do it! You guys will make amazing memories. I've lived off the grid and there are no bad feelings associated with the memories.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Thank you for sharing that! Excited nervous feelings are definitely going on haha

  • I think it’s a fun adventure and I would totally do it!! They will remember it always ❤️

    • White Farmhouse says:

      I sure hope we can look back on these memories fondly!

  • Looking forward to your adventure; I like many would definitely let you guys pop over if we were closer. I'm more worried about Fall/Winter. but hoping you're complete by then.

    • Vintage Society says:

      Thanks, so excited to share the adventure with you all!

  • I think it sounds amazing! What wonderful memories your family will treasure forever! I love wildlife & nature… what better way to experience than to set up camp right in the middle of it!

    • Vintage Society says:

      Yes there is sure to be some pretty cool experiences out in nature like this!

  • I Think it is fantastic… so much to blessed with… nature just feeds creativity… can't wait to follow you on this adventure..!! Big hugs to you ????

    • Vintage Society says:

      Thanks so much! Love that…..nature feeds creativity. So true!

  • Melissa Grigat says:

    Do it while you still can girlfriend! Cheering you on!!!

  • I will miss your IG posts … and all of the insights gained from following you & your journey of growing flowers and minimalism … enjoy your new adventure … it will be a memory that will be hard to top … ♥️

    • Vintage Society says:

      Don’t worry, there will be plenty to share still! Amazing memories for sure!

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