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May 13, 2022

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New Home Money Saving Tips

Building a new home can be so stressful, yet such an exciting time in your life. The biggest stressor usually comes when you are trying to get everything you want while staying on a budget. Britt built her home in 2013 and stayed exactly on budget… down to the penny! So we've compiled a list of money saving tips that we have used in both building, and renovating our homes. Hopefully they can help you stay on budget and maybe even save you a little extra cash! Read our 11 tips about where you can save money while building a new home or renovating!

New Home Money Saving Tips

Ask your friends

Friends! - Yes we all have that friend who has a trade or knows a person in the trade. Don’t be afraid to ask for a favour or a deal! When we poured our concrete foundation our neighbour was in the concrete business. We were able to save a few thousand dollars using this connection!

Clean as you go

Cleaning! - Usually if you are building there will be an allotted amount for cleaners at a few stages of the building process as well as a final clean. Britt chose to do the cleaning herself. The bonus is that this gives you more of an excuse to be around the house more! Britt would clean up weekly which made contractors happy and saved money!

Ceiling plank laundry room

Do it Yourself 

DIY – What are your skills? Maybe you don’t have any carpentry or electrical skills … BUT we can all pick rocks, weeds and sticks! Choose to take care of the landscaping yourself! Landscaping is a skill that Britt’s husband has so they were able to tackle most of the landscaping themselves. However, we can all help with yard clean up and prep and even planting shrubs and trees!

White Oak Door with Cat

Save on lighting

Lighting! - Lighting budgets are often small in builder grade new homes and usually we want to splurge in this area. Did you know lighting is one of the easiest things to change down the road! In the meantime you can purchase some low cost pendants from places like Ikea that still look decent without the big price tag!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom Vanities! - Installing repurposed dressers and vintage side tables into vanities is becoming very popular. Did you know it’s also CHEAPER!! Britt used an old dresser to replace what would have been hundreds on a custom new build vanity. Both Deb and Britt have antique dressers as bathroom vanities, that have been striped down to raw wood and they are gorgeous! If you also love the raw wood or natural finish, follow this step-by-step guide HERE!

Raw Wood Repurposed Antique Dresser Vanity in Shiplap Farmhouse Bathroom

That "New Home" Fresh Paint Smell

Painting – Now there are 2 sides to this! First you can save money by painting your house 1 colour throughout as opposed to changing colours in different rooms. You have also probably heard people say to paint yourself! We are here to say NO! Unless you are a professional painter do not attempt this! Britt actually recommends splurging a bit on this area. Having that first paint job on your house done properly will make such a difference in the years to come when you are ready to repaint! DO NOT cheap out on the paint or painters for that initial paint job in your new home! Down the road … go for it and paint yourself! Britt recently painted the floors on the main level of her home, check out how she did it HERE!

Open Concept Everthing

Open Shelving. - Especially in the kitchen this can be a great way to save some moola! Later down the road you can always install more cabinetry, but if cost needs to be considered in a new home, then consider open shelving. Invest in fewer good quality cabinetry than more lower quality cabinets.

Shop till you drop

Shop around! - Yes get multiple quotes for everything! Plumbing, cabinets, tile, painters, general contractors. However … make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. If a quote seems to good to be true then chances are it is.

simple laundry room full of fresh cut flowers

Top it off

Ceiling Finish.- Flat painted ceilings are gorgeous. But the cost savings of a knock down plaster ceiling as opposed to a fully finished painted ceiling is thousands! Britt was upset about not getting a painted ceiling while building, but honestly hardly even notices 6 years later.

Closet Space

Closet Shelving. - Especially custom closet systems can be outrageously expensive. Sourcing out places like Ikea, Costco and Home Depot can yield great options for a fraction of the price.


Pantry is from @welivedhappilyeverafter

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Mirrors. - Most builders want to install those massive giant slabs of glass above all of the vanities. Head to your local thrift stores and pic up a mirror with a cool frame. Maybe you have to paint the frame or possibly take the mirror out of the frame to create a vintage frameless mirror. Installing these mirrors is also so much cheaper than having a glass company come out to hang those massive slabs of glass.

The other thing to remember is that things in your home are not permanent! Honestly, the fun is when you can change things up down the road. Swapping out that budget friendly light fixture for a bigger or more glamorous light, allows you to continually love your home and bring excitement to adding something new and different! Also, if you tell yourself that you will learn new skills while you are upgrading a few minor things in your home, it will be well worth the effort. Britt and Deb have self taught themselves so many electrical, carpentry and painting skills because they love to be able to constantly change things in their homes when they feel like it … while staying on a much smaller budget because they are DIY’ing it.

And there you have it!  A quick little list to hopefully save you money during your new home build or renovation. We hope you find these tips useful on your next project!

If you have money saving tips of your own, we'd love to hear them! Leave us a comment down below. Let's share with each other how we have all pinched a few pennies here and there! Happy building! 

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