September 12, 2019

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Summer has almost came and went and as sad as that is…. It means fall decor is in full force! One of the reason’s that Fall is arguably the best season to decorate for is that there are just SO many outdoor elements this time of year! Harvest season makes for some for the best food of the year but also for some of the best fall decor! We wanted to share a few of the items we love to use this time of year with all of you.

fall table setting

Where can you find natural home decor? 

Growing up in the country, both Britt and Deb had access to a lot of home grown items. Now a days, it is so easy to find all of these items at local farmers markets and even grocery stores in the larger cities and towns. Below are a few of our favorite outdoor Fall decor items, how to use them and any other details we can provide about them.

Natural Fall Decor 

  • Pumpkins 
  • Gone are the days of the simple orange pumpkin!  As much as the classic pumpkin still has a place in Fall decorating, now a days you can find so many beautiful alternatives! Pumpkins are more commonly being found in whites, blues, greys and greens! A few of our favorites to look for are Jarrahdale, Indian Doll Hybrid and Casper pumpkins. You can use these for centrepieces, to decorate a mantle and even for simple décor on a front porch.  

    pumpkin center piece fall farmhouse decor
    Wheat, Grain and Grasses​

    It’s very easy this time of year to get your hands on some of the local crops. You can also find these here on Wayfair or at Home Goods and Homesense. Use these in a centrepiece, make an easy DIY wreath or just put them in to a vase or jar for some texture! No matter how you choose to display them, grains and grasses will give a Fall feel to any space!

    Dried wheats and grains
    Corn husks

    What is more impactful than giant, dried corn husk! These look gorgeous in an urn with some big pumpkins layered around them! Corn husks can also be very easily made into a DIY wreath for the season. You can find these at a local corn farm if you have one nearby or sometimes at your local hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. You can also ask a florist in your area if they know where to get their hands on them. 

    fall decor market basket
    Hydrangeas add the perfect touch to your decor

    Although this flower isn’t quite as common to find as some of the other fall flowers in our neck of the woods, they are starting to show up more and more in Alberta! The best part about the hydrangea is that you can enjoy this flower through the later part of the summer right into the later part of the fall. In fact, if you let the flowers change for fall, they will make the perfect dried arrangements! You can use these in all different fall displays such as centrepieces, arrangements, vases/baskets and even on a mantle. The best variations to grow in our part of the world are the Annabelle, Lime Light and Lava Lamp. For all our best tips to grow hydrangeas and more on the types we recommend. Check out our post here.

    limelight hydrangeas

    When it comes to a pretty fall flower, this one is right up on the list. As part of the delphinium family, it blooms late in the season and dries so nicely for the fall! The seed for larkspur can be quite expensive but this gorgeous flower is worth the money! There are so many shades of purple, pinks and blues! It even comes in a gorgeous white variation as well! Just make sure you don’t ingest it as it is highly toxic for humans and animals.

    fall decor flowers
    Globe Thistle/ Sea Holly

    Both of these plants are a variation of a thistle and dry well in the the fall! They make very pretty additions to any arrangement and pair well with the above larkspur. The only warning is that the sea holly gives off a terrible smell and will leave you with your nose turned up. The best way to prevent the smell from entering your house is to spray the blooms with a bit of clear polyurethane to seal in the smell. 

    Another option Britt discoveered last year was to spray them with hairspray and then your favorite room scented spray.

    fall setting decor
  • Mums
  • A hardy potted plant, mums are a great addition to any fall décor! The daisy type flowers comes in a variety of colours like orange, yellow, burgundy and red. Mums seem to be able to with stand the colder temps of fall a bit better than other types of flowers making them great to use outdoors and on patios or porches. You can find these at most local hardware stores, grocery stores and flower shops in the fall season. They are usually at an affordable cost point as well.

    Fall Front Entrance white house Autumn Outdoor Home Tour fall farmouse decor birch wood mums and pumkins front deck pink mums
    Tree Branches and Berries

    This is one that is a bit out of the box for most people but can make for great decor in any home. As the leaves change colour and the berries ripen, snipping a few stems from an apple tree or Mountain Ash tree can really go a long way! The bright orange and yellow leave give such an interesting texture in any home! Showcase them in a pretty pot or jar and they can last for a week or more! The best part about using tree branches is that it is usually free! Deb uses the berries from the mountain ash bush in both her fall and winter décor to add vibrant pops of color!

    fall farmouse decor apple tree
    Shopping the grocey store for Home Decor

    Apples, pears and plums!

    Although where we live there are not many orchards near by, it is always easier to get your hands on freshly harvested fruits this time of year! A simple basket, lined with linen and full of apples, pears or plums is the perfect centrepiece for an island or table! It will give any space a pop of colour and a fresh look! You can even mix in some pumpkins with them to give a bit of added texture!! Having fruit displayed out in the open will also encourage your family to eat healthier options! Deb’s kids love to walk by and grab a snack right off the counter display!

    fresh pears
    Picking from the garden


    Nothing says Fall more than the sunflower! This happy bloom is so easy to grow that most of the plants you find in Deb’s yard, have been self seeded by the birds from the feeder! There are different variations of this type of flower, some with pollen and some without and many varying colours. You can also dye these big beauties using specific florist dye! Imagine the possibilities!   

    Well that wraps up the majority of the natural elements we use for the fall season! When it comes to natural decor, you can really use your imagination and try whatever comes to mind! What other types of natural decor do you use in your home for autumn?!

    And if you missed our previous Fall Decor for your Farmhouse you can click HERE and give it a read!

    As always, we love to hear from you so please let us know by leaving us a comment below or sending us an email! 


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