July 16, 2021

living in a bell tent

Living in a Bell Tent

I thought it would be fun to give you the low down on our first week living “off the grid” and how the bell tent set up went.

If you are new here, my family is moving from Alberta to Revelstoke, British Columbia. For more details on why we are moving, you can check them out here.

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A Quick Recap

So 1st off … the BELL TENT! I ordered this tent months ago and was promised it would arrive in time for our move. Well, four days before our move … nothing had been shipped. So the company pulled one out of the back they found and shipped it out (which turned into another significant delay). I will not be promoting this bell tent company nor recommending it, but I will not say anything negative either … I choose to remain neutral.

We decided to make the move without the tent because we kind of had things prepared for living in our snowmobile trailer, plus the weather was looking good, and my hubby had to start working on the property.

living in the bell tent

The plan is to live in the bell tent/ off the grid until October, at which point I am not sure what our family will do as I highly doubt the house will be anywhere near competition … so we are winging it!

So after a few days at our new place sleeping in the trailer, the bell tent arrives … sans tent stakes, which the tent cannot be set up without the pegs. I made a trip to town; luckily, this is a camping community, so I was able to find some good quality stakes. Well, I didn’t buy enough stakes, and the 1st night in the tent, we had a pretty good storm and woke up to some pretty big puddles inside the tent!

There's been some bumps along the way

Bell Tent water

I went back to town and found more stakes and my hubby, and I spent a good hour taking our time and securing every rope perfectly! If anyone tells you a bell tent can be set up in a few minutes, they are lying – to get the canvas tight takes some tweaking and takes adjusting. I’m so glad we took the time because I think it looks fantastic now.

And you know what else? The stakes that are supposed to come with the tent are big massive stakes, but the stakes we found can be hammered right into the ground, so it’s one less tripping hazard – so I’m chalking it up to a reasonable mistake!

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Week One

I am slowly getting things organized and functional. We brought in a porta-potty, and it has been so AWESOME!! We are buying drinking water from the grocery store and gathering washing water from a nearby stream. Water is like gold! Plus, with the hotter weather we are getting, you truly appreciate every drop!

living in a bell tent with the roof open

We are cooking solely on the BBQ, and this is also how I heat water to do dishes – it’s a small BBQ and heats water so quickly.

We got two big coolers, and they work pretty well. When we arrived in town, there was ZERO ice and discovering that the town runs out quite often with more people travelling and the hotter weather. So I am not buying too much food in advance. We are pretty close to town, so it’s not that bad running to town every few days.

bell tent ceiling

What about the kittens?

How are the kitten’s doing living off the grid?? So AWESOME! We kept a close eye on them for the first few days and watched they didn’t get too far from the trailer, but now they all stick close by and just roam around our tent and trailer.

living in a bell tent with kittens

These first few weeks we are building our driveway and prepping our building pad for the house. We are still being really mindful about taking time to do the fun things we moved out here for! We have already had our ol’ fibre foam boat out on the water more times this last week than we have in 3 years at our previous place.

Bell Tent Kittens

What's next?

While there have been a lot of setbacks and things seem to be putting us to the test this 1st week, there are so many positives to living here, and it really is one of the most gorgeous places ever!

Bell Tent Bed Open Roof

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the bell tent, and stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

I'm curious if you are tempted to live a summer in a bell tent????

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