February 27, 2020

Linen Sheets
what's all the talk about linen sheets?

As so many of you know, Linen anything is our JAM!!! We have both collected vintage linen sheets and bedding, napkins and table cloths for years and have converted most of the bedding in our homes to linen years ago!!! Both of us love the feel and softness of the fabric as well as the durability!!  Take a peek below at our 5 top reason's to use Linen sheets and our best tips on how to keep it white and bright!


If you have never had pure linen bedding before and you wonder what all the hype is about it, here is the low down!!!

Reasons to love linen sheets


Reason #1 to love linen sheets- they are SO soft to sleep in 

The fabric is so breathable and the comfort level is off the charts! It only gets better every time you wash it! Linen is also highly absorbent so all of you that sweat in your sleep, linen won’t aid in that process. It will just help to absorb it!!

White sheets and kitten

Reason #2 - Durability rating is through the roof!

You will always get your money’s worth out of linen as it is just so dang strong. There are some tips on washing linen to help it last even longer and we cover those below.

Reason #3 –

It’s eco-friendly!

Linen is made out of the Flax plant. The entirety of the plant is used in the process of making linen fabric so it doesn’t leave a foot print. It is also completely biodegradable! Both of us have gone through a set of sheets already and have used the old extra linen for other things around our home. Cut the left over linen into table runners, hand towels, Christmas stockings etc.  Even just hang a chunk of raw edge linen on a hook to add some texture to any space.

Reason #4 - Linen is hypoallergenic!

 All of you with skin sensitivity, meet your new best friend!! This makes it the perfect choice for your children with sensitive skin as well.  

Check out these amazing flax, linen pillow cases by our sweet friend Rhonda at Hallstromhome

Last, but not least, Reason #5 - It is temperature regulating.

So no matter the time of year or climate you live in, this fabric will do its job to keep you comfortable!! In the summer, you stay cool and in the winter you stay warm. What more do you want?!!


This time of year is our absolute favourite time of year to do laundry as we both like to hang everything on the line! With multiple kiddos in the house, we have learned a thing or two about how to keep our laundry looking good and stain free. Especially for Deb  because all of her  couches are white! 

  • Sunshine is the best bleach - There is something so comforting about freshly dried linens from outside. I honestly feel like I get a better sleep on them! Plus the sun is best for bleaching out those hard to loose stains! Get outside and let the sun do the dirty work... plus it will save you on the ironing when your cloths come off the line!
Sun Bleach laundry

  • White Vinegar - We can't believe how well this brightens everything! Don't you hate when your clothes start to look old and worn! Add a dash of vinegar to your loads and you will be surprised how well it brings the colour up! Vinegar will even soften your fabric too, so add it to your bedding for that little bit of extra comfort! 
We add approximately 1 cup of white vinegar to the cycle and wash on a delicate or hand wash cycle. 

  • Dish Soap - Deb actually makes a dish soap and vinegar mixture together! The combo is awesome and she is always so impressed with her cloths after they dry!
  • Aspirin - We can't believe the things Aspirin is good for! Flower food to whitening fabric! Add approx 5 pills to your water and let those whites soak for a while! Then throw them in the wash, but make sure to keep them away from your colours after or they will tint too!
  • Borax - This age old product will actual soften the water and help with both whites and colours! Deb also mixes it with a little icing sugar and uses it to kill ants around the house! Gotta love a multi purpose product.
Linen Bath Towels

  • Baking Soda - Deb's daughter once spilled blue food colouring on her light grey wool rug.... She used white vinegar and baking soda to remove it and learned then just how well baking soda can take a stain out! One cup of baking soda to 4 litres of water for your whites. Let it soak and then put it through the wash! Your cloths will look like new!
Tip: it is important to not use any plant based products on linen as it will break this material down

We have our own line of custom linens and market basket's that can be purchased in our online shop, Vintage Society Co! They are all of our favourite pieces we have in our own homes

TIP: When it's the cooler months and you can't line dry your linen sheets ... we wash them on a delicate cycle and then put them back on our beds slightly damp. Putting them on when they are still a bit wet lets them dry flat and with that crisp look! Linen dries fast so if you put them on damp at lunchtime they will be dry by bedtime. 

So there you have it! Those are the top 5 reasons to use linen sheets for bedding and towels in your home as well as tried and tested tips to whiten and brighten laundry! We hope you give one or more of them a try and let us know your thoughts!

  1. Which linen sheets do you recommend? Which are the softest?

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