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April 14, 2020

laundry room cover page

5 Laundry room Décor Ideas

Laundry rooms need to be both practical and functional. But what about a place you WANT to spend time in? Using the right laundry room decor will help make a daunting task not so bad! Here are 5 laundry room décor ideas that will help to make your space both practical and pretty! A place that you will want to be! 

Britt and Deb signature
laundry white and wood decor

 7 years ago, Deb renovated what was then the kitchen in the second apartment unit in her house into what is now her laundry room! She used salvaged tin that had been pulled out of a pool hall in Yorkton Saskatchewan for the door fronts and handmade a beautiful antique dolie light fixture.

laundry room decor before
original Laundry space

original kitchen space

before laundry

laundry after the first renovation

Over the years though, this space was proving to just not be what she had hoped or wanted! It had a ton of unnecessary and under utilized storage as well as the fixture had taken a beating when the attic had been renovated as everyone came and went for the reno. It was time for a REFRESH!

laundry room and lilacs

Deb loved how Britt had a practical place to hang her laundry out to dry! In the winter, Deb was forever hanging laundry throughout her home and found she didn’t have a good space for it anywhere. That is when she decided to add it into this years renovation and it turned out so much better than expected!

 When Britt built her home she was very intentional about the laundry room. Being able to hang clothes outdoors like she did with her Grandma was something she wanted to be able to do. Did you know that designing her laundry room with an exterior door was something she refused to compromise on! The clothesline is right outside the door making it super convenient to hang clothes outdoors to dry. 

The laundry room is directly attached to the mudroom in Britt's home - you can check out her mudroom and tips on a functional mudroom HERE.  

laundry room and mudroom

Another feature that Britt has incorporated are built in laundry baskets. While they don't hold all of the dirty clothes they are great for the muddy clothes from the boys when they come from outside, or dirty dish towels and rags that you don't want to mix in with your clothing. 

 Both girls love these spaces now and feel they are so functional and practical, while still being enjoyable to spend time in! Here are a few of the tips and décor ideas that they used for decorating their laundry rooms.

Cover it with a curtain

 Conceal any under the sink or counter mess with fabric or linen curtain! This is an easy and inexpensive fix to pull your laundry room together quickly and make it look great! Bonus, it even adds a little texture to your laundry room decor.  Both of us have covered areas of our laundry room this way.

 Britt uses a vintage piece of linen to cover the area that the cats litter box is in. This allows allows the cats to come and go as they please and ventilation for the space too.

litter box solutions

 Deb built a custom cabinet that now holds all her laundry needs and then some! She used some of the leftover shiplap that she had from the wainscoting in the studio room and added a marble top to the cabinet! A simple piece of scrap white linen is used to cover the space.

laundry cabinet

Safety pins are added to the linen as hooks and then small j hooks are added to the cabinet. It’s a simple way to hook and unhook the curtain whenever necessary. 

Simple Storage

 Organize your space with practical items, like using glass jars to hold your laundry detergents or attractive basket’s instead of plastic hampers! This will give you a functional and beautiful laundry room decor that won't have to changeout with the seasons!

Drying rack and laundry basket

If you have the space, add three baskets! One for whites, darks and colors! It will make your laundry so much easier to do when it comes time to washing!

Hang it up

 Lots of people love to hang clothes to dry, however they are forever pulling out stand up drying racks! Vertical drying space is often overlooked in a laundry room! Hanging a line or a rack is both practical and can be very attractive too!

laundry room decor hanging rack

 The girls have both added hanging racks above their laundry areas! Deb has a vintage drying rack that she cut down to size to fit the space and Britt used a ladder in the laundry room as well! Both girls have added some vintage coat hangers that they found on their trip to France to hang laundry from. It’s amazing how much use these drying racks get, when something is ready and available in your home, you are so much more likely to use it! These hanging racks also add such pretty, eye catching detail to any laundry room decor! 

How we did it:


  • Ladder or drying rack
  • Chain for hanging
  • Set of Ceiling Hooks 
  • Attractive Coat Hangers
  • You may require a second set of hooks for the drying rack if it doesn’t have any already.
  • Measure and cut your rack to fit the space as desired
  • Attach the hooks into the ceiling! You may need to find the trusses for this if you plan to hang anything too heavy like jeans or bedding.  Reinforce the hooks if you need to!
  • Now it's as simple as attaching the chain to the drying rack. If your rack doesn’t have hooks on it already (Deb’s did) then you will need to attach some. Decide on your desired length from the ceiling and your all set.
  • Add hangers and enjoy air dried fresh laundry!
laundry room decor market basket

 This isn’t the only way to add a line to your laundry room though, even hanging a shelf with a line underneath or suspending a pipe from the wall works too! The options are actually endless. Even peg racks can be used for hanging some laundry and also be a useful tool to hold other objects like buckets of cloth pins!

Durability is best

The surfaces and materials you use in a laundry room should be similar to that of a bathroom. Metals, tiles and stone all hold up to water and provide durability. If you have the space, try to add a countertop to fold your laundry! Even one directly above the appliances will give you great use of your space. 

Styling your home for Winter

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Did you know we offer our services in design work? We have helped clients renovate all sorts of space from kitchens to laundry rooms and everything in between. You can see one of our clients amazing Farmhouse Facelift HERE!

Add a Sink to the Space

laundry room

This is the laundry room from the place the girl's stayed in while in France! Isn't this sink and drying post gorgeous!

This is a no brainer! If you have the space, there is nothing more convenient than a sink in a laundry room. Letting your stains soak or being able to scrub out the tough ones makes a huge difference in your washing. This doesn’t need to be unattractive though, adding beautiful vintage basin like Britt has, is the perfect way to make your laundry room décor look beautiful and in an affordable way! 

galvanized sink in laundry room

 We hope you enjoyed these tips and go away with a plan on how to make your laundry space one that you love to spend time in! As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any tips on beautiful laundry room décor! Leave us a comment below or send us an email! 

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