March 14, 2020

Home Organizer from Best Buy Canada
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Between the two of us, we have a successful interior design business, an Online Shop, 5 children, 2 husbands, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies and a couple of lizards! Both of us are constantly running kids in all different directions for sports, and activities. Plus our hubbies work schedules also require them to travel A LOT! Needless to say, our lives are at one of the busiest points they will probably ever be… but we LOVE it!

Home Organizer

What we love even more is staying organized and keeping our families organized too! Plus if there is anything to make our lives more convenient we are sold! So when Best Buy Canada reached out and asked us to try the Google Nest Hub and give our honest opinions of what we thought, we were ALL over it! Take a read below at the ways this lil’ box has helped both of us stay organized, scheduled and a few other features we love about this unit!


1. Ships to your Door!

Convenience and time saving is important to us and you! 

Britt lives over an hour from the nearest major shopping center! Best Buy Canada was able to ship this Google Nest Hub Max right to her mailbox (door delivery isn’t available where she lives). Deb’s unit arrived in perfect condition from Best Buy Canada right to her doorstep!

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2. Keeps a Calendar 

Voice match will bring up your own calendar or see a combined
family calendar at a glance!

For both of us, keeping a calendar is a must! Our daytimers are what make us tick. Not only do we need to keep an organized business but we are the CEO’s of our families. There are days when our hubbies are gone for work and we need to make sure the kiddos get to baseball or hockey practice! For a long time, Deb has kept a large whiteboard home organizer with a month at a glance, but it had to be written out manually. When things would change in her schedule, she would have to go sit down and rewrite it out on the board! With the Google Nest Hub Max, we have a better, more organized way to sync our schedules with our husbands and no manual work required!!

Britt put this awesome home organizer in her home office where she spends the majority of the day. The Google Nest Hub Max allows her to quickly add and remove items from her schedule. It helps keep the home organized!

We love that you can just say the commands out loud without having to remember to write them down!

Painted floors and shiplap

Deb has her hub right in the kitchen, this is the room that her whole family spends the most time in! Especially when it comes to planning out the family schedule’s and events. She loves to have the home organizer in close proximity so that it’s accessible at a glance when she and her hubby are discussing schedules and events! The best part is that she can sync this device to her husband’s calendar right to the Google Nest Hub and he doesn’t need to enter anything manually!

3. Create a shopping list with the google nest hub home organizer

Never forget something at the store again

Britt lives in the country and sometimes she doesn’t leave her home for days. She depends on her hubby to stop and grab the items they need from the grocery store or in town on his way home from work! With the Google Nest Hub, she is able to add items to the list and it will update to her husband’s phone automatically without her having to call and remind him. It's the perfect home organizer.

Google Nest Home Organizer

Although Deb lives in a small town, her hubby works in the big city and drives in daily! The convenience of having him stop to grab a thing or two on his way home is wonderful. She can update the shopping list from the convenience of her kitchen so that he can grab the items on the way home in the evening.

This would have been a huge help when she was going through her torn Achilles tendon injury as she couldn’t leave the house to get items on her own. She was constantly texting her hubby throughout the day to remind him of the items he needed to stop and pick up. 

4. Ask a question and receive immersive, visual answers from Google

When you ask a question and receive immersive, visual answers from Google on anything from the weather to recipes.

This feature is probably the one the girls are most excited about! Gone are the days of storing cookbooks on the shelf and a drawer full of your grandma’s recipes. This hub is able to pull up new recipes for us to try at a single voice command “hey google, show me favourite kid’s meals.” How awesome is it to have someone else give you a supper suggestion!

With the Google Nest Hub, you can also simply ask for a recipe using a certain ingredient and it will bring you up a bunch of options. From there, choose the one that sounds the tastiest and easiest to make, or the one you have all the ingredients for! The recipe will stay up on the screen until you are done cooking.  No more having to your phone or tablet over and over when it times out! (So annoying when that happens right?!)

Best Buy Home Organizer

Having the weather on voice command is wonderful too! Both our kids are getting old enough to get themselves ready for the day ahead of them. However, our children seem to think its always warmer out than they think … remember we live in Canada where most of the school year is in winter! Now they have someone other than their mother’s confirming that its COLD outside! Being able to tell them to go check the weather themselves is such a great feature! Not to mention they can ask Google for help with homework questions! You know the ones … those questions that Mom and Dad pretend to know, but really don’t?!

5. Voice control for music, lights, televisions and more from a single dashboard!

It has voice control for music, lights, televisions and more from a single dashboard!

As busy families, both of us travel a lot for sports and adventure! Deb spends a lot of time out at her lake property in the summer and Britt’s family is always heading to the mountains for snowmobiling or snowboarding! For security purposes, it is sometimes nice to be able to turn on and off devices from a central hub. This feature adds so much convenience to any home. If you forget to turn the lights off downstairs when you jump into bed, you can simply use the Google Nest Hub to shut it off from the comfort of your room.

Speaker on Google Nest Hub Max

It would be a rare occasion to come over to one of our houses and NOT hear music playing! The speaker on the Google Nest Hub Max is AMAZING!! The sound quality and volume are better than expected! Britt actually has a built-in sound system in her home but hasn’t used it since receiving the Google Nest from Best Buy Canada. And it plays the most amazing playlists!

Music playing on Google Nest Hub Max

Britt wakes up and thinks of a song she wants to hear and says “hey google, play ____ radio” and it plays free music based around that song!

6. Video or voice chat on command

Video or voice chat on command sync right to your television

As convenient as Facetime or video calling is on a mobile phone or tablet, it can sometimes be a struggle to hold the device as you walk around or if you are like us. We end up propping it up on its side and are forever struggling with it falling down while we are talking.

Family enjoying the home organizer in the kitchen

The Google Nest Hub Max home organizer has a 10” screen making the video chat quality exceptional. You can also sync the hub to your television while having a video chat so you can have your business meeting or chat with your loved one on the big screen. Britt and Deb use this feature with each other and their team SO much! It makes Monday morning meetings so easy as the team remote calls in.

7. Built-in Camera

Rest easy knowing what is happening while you aren't at home

Our kids are getting to the age that they are starting to stay home by themselves! This device can be connected to other Google NEST products or this unit has a camera itself! From our mobile devices, we can simply turn on the camera at any time and check in on our homes and kiddos!

The Google Nest Hub is an amazing addition to our families, businesses and everyday lives. It truly is convenience at its best and something both of us are loving in our homes! As busy moms and entrepreneurs, we would highly recommend trying one out for your family and home! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more organization and convenience in your life? And the bonus is that you can head to BEST BUY Canada and have one delivered right to your
mailbox! Let us know if you end up picking one up.

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