Home Decorators Holiday Tips

Home Decorators Holiday Tips


home decorators front porch for christmas

Okay so it’s easy to show you all the pretty Christmas pictures and leave you wondering how in the heck did they do that or where did they get this or that from. So that’s what this post is all about! Answering your most frequently asked home decorators holiday questions about how we do things for Christmas!


Yes, this is probably the #1 question that we get asked! Now we are very sad to report that the trees are from….the Forest! Sorry folks but 99% of the trees in our images are one of kinds that we snipped from the land surrounding us. We are fortunate to live in an area where “Christmas Trees” grow wild! #luckyus

Snowy winter pic with Britt & Deb

Now, if you aren’t one of the fortunate ones that live in an area like this, we wanted to link a few that we really love and would purchase if we didn’t live where we do!

How long do Real Trees last 

Mini Christmas Tree

Next up, how long can those trees last indoors? Now, to be honest bloggers in the home décor world seem to live 1 season ahead of what’s actually going on. We are here to inspire you before you have to go out and find your items so if it appears we are decorating early… it’s because we do it for YOU! 

The reality of decorating with live trees is that we usually have to do 2 rounds of trees. We usually snip a few trees at the beginning of November and then take them out at the end of the month and bring in a fresh batch with our big Christmas Trees that first week of December!

A good rule of thumb for which trees last the longest is…the smaller the tree generally the longer it will last indoors. Tiny little Spruce seedlings can last for weeks and weeks. Whereas the bigger trees can really start to loose their needles around week 3 if cared for properly. 

HOME DECORATors Holiday TREE tricks

While we admit real trees don’t last for months and they come with messes we wanted to share our experiences of how to maximize the life of your real trees!

Christmas Tree Food

  • Miracle – Gro Christmas Tree Conditioner. Yes this really works and NO we are not getting paid to say this! For some reason this stuff really helps! Add a bit to the water the first time you put it in the container to help with needle loss!

  • Trimming your trees – Especially with the little trees! With the smaller trees that are easy to handle we will pull them out and give them a fresh snip every week.
  • Fresh water – if it’s possible changing out the water helps a lot! Especially after you give them a snip. With larger trees, water them a little bit everyday to keep the water fresher as opposed to keeping the container filled to the top. Plus once the tree stops drinking, the water will begin to smell. 
  • Flock your tree – Britt started adding SANTA Snow to her trees 3 year ago and began to notice that her tree didn’t seem to lose its needles as bad. Plus she loves the colour a bit of the white makes her trees (more about flocking further down)

How to make trees stand in your home

Spruce Christmas Tree

If you have followed us for any length of time you know that any container is fair game for putting trees in! It’s not easy to get them to stand in some of these vessels but here are a few techniques we use!

home decorators bathroom with christmas tree
  • If it’s outside and you live where its cold you can pack the container with snow or water and let it freeze! BUT beware don’t do this in a glass container. Britt broke her vintage crocks when she did this one year. If you have a breakable containter simple put the tree in a plastic container and then put that container in the fragile container.
  • ROCKS! Any old rocks will do, but especially the smaller rocks work well for holding trees in place. Simply stand the tree in the container and them fill the container up with rocks around the trunk.
How to stand up a tree
  • Sand – Now sand will work similar to gravel, but Sand can get messey…especially when it’s time to clean things up.
  • Bricks – Deb loves to use bricks to support her trees! Stack them around the base and the tree will stand tall!
  • The Branches – Now sometimes it is as simple as leaving the branches near the base of the tree on. The branches will make the tree fit so tight in the container that it will stand up on its own!
  • Fishing Line - When all else fails, use fishing line! If your tree is near a support of some sort, this will work wonders!

Snowy Days Lightroom Preset


Flocking isn’t just for artificial trees! Britt, is obsessed with SANTA Snow and spays all of her live trees! To flock your tree the best technique is to get up on a ladder and spray from above.

Home Decorator Holiday ideas

Spraying the faux snow in the actually way that real snow falls on a tree gives it a more realistic appearance! Flocking also changes the tint of the trees and gives it a more matted appearance that Britt loves!

Remember when you flock your own trees that you can do a much or as little as you want! And flocking works on real and artificial trees!

Twinkle Lights

We love incorporating twinkle lights throughout our homes but hiding the battery packs can be tricky! Before we put twinkle lights out, we think about where the battery pack or plug in can go first! Putting out twinkle lights and then trying to hide the battery pack just makes it harder.  You can find our favourite copper twinkle lights over on the Shop

For Britt’s mantel, she put the bucket on the mantel and put the battery pack in the bucket before she placed the star lights across the mantel. Same with when you place twinkle lights down the centre of the table. You can tape battery packs under the table or hide them under a table runner!

Deb will sometimes use linens or scarves to hide them as well. That's why timers or remote's for your twinkle lights are a must if at all possible. That way you aren't fiddling with the on/off switches all the time.

Copper twinkle lights

Another Home Decorator Holiday Tip that we want to share is how to get those perfect spiral copper twinkle lights. We don't pull the wire tight! The easiest way to get that curl is to wrap the wire around the battery pack or your hand and then gently take it off your hand as you place the lights out. 

Decorators DIY garland

Don’t limit yourself to pre assembled items that you find at the stores. What are some of your favorite items that you love that you maybe already have? Cookie cutters, vintage ornaments, bells? Grab some bakers twine and tie them together? Britt found cute mini Christmas Tree Cookie cutters and strung them together using some red and white twine!

Deb usually makes some sort of garland for her front deck. She likes to try and keep the greens alive a bit longer by adding floral picks to the ends of the freshly cut greens. This works wonders and keeps the front porch looking great for a longer amount of the season! 

Our FAVOURITE Mug Huggers

These little cuties may be one of our favourite holiday items! Anthropology came out with these a few years ago and they were mini gingerbread houses with 4 sides. Now that is not easy to make so we came up with a easier way!

Home Decorators Holiday Lattes

Simply find a mini cookie cutter and cut out the shape in the dough! Then figure out the approximate width of the rim of your mugs. We advise making them a bit wider as the dough needs to rise and make the gap smaller as it bakes. You can use a knife to cut out a little rectangle at the base of the dough so that your mini cookies can sit on the rim of your mugs. These are a favorite when guests come to visit and their so easy to make BUT make a large impact!

You can buy the gingerbread house cutter below

How we keep things simple at Christmas

It is so easy to see all of the cute things at Christmas time and want to buy them all! We love to invest in Vintage pieces that add character and don’t need a bunch of “other” things to make it seem like the space is decorated.

 Invest in items that have multiple purposes! Think of scarves you can wear look cute curled up and displayed. Winter boots can be displayed instead of stashed away! Grab a cute apron! We design aprons to not only be functional but to look cute hung up as well. Deb loves mixing all different plaid for a festive look as well! 

Lifestyle Image of Britt

We hope some of these holiday home decorator tips have helped you understand how we deck the halls around our homes for the holidays! 

If there’s another question you have drop it below and we will help you out!

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