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October 29, 2019


May 20, 2022

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Creating a kids bedroom that both the parents and kid love is a challenge! However, finding this forest wallpaper completely changed my mind! Let me chat with you about how I found a way to design a space with my son that we both love!


Designing a Kids Bedroom

When we built our home about 5 years ago, my oldest son was 4 years old and was obsessed with airplanes. I bought him vintage airplane bedding from Restoration Hardware that was muted and more masculine than a more child like airplane design. As my son has grown, his passions have expanded...and by that I mean he pretty much loves everything... airplanes, baseball, basketball, curling, ninja warrior, animals, reading, snowboarding, snowmobiling! So what to you do with a kid who loves everything?

Airplane theme bedroom

The first step I took was that I sat down with him and started to discuss what he would LOVE in his room... his response was that he wanted a "dark room" so it was easier to sleep, a spot to play boardgames and a place for his books. 

From my perspective, I thought about where I saw my son the happiest and what brought him the most joy! The answer was easy...when we are in the mountains. As soon as we arrive at a mountain to go snowboarding or snowmobiling he completely lights up! He gets the biggest grin and he gets everyone excited that it's going to be the best day ever! 

finding the perfect forest wallpaper

When I saw the Forest Inspired "Mountains are Calling" Design from Rocky Mountain Decals I knew it was the PERFECT fit. This was the perfect jumping off point for the design of this Kids Bedroom! I showed my son the design and he feel in love with it to!

Rocky Mountain Decals was so generous to partner with me on this project! Please note I reached out to them because I truly wanted this product! 

Forest Wallpaper

When the forest decal arrived, I was in love with the colours and the realistic appearance! My son and I used the wallpaper decal to help guide picking the wall colour. It was so fun to let him help make this decision. He had told me he wanted a dark colour for the walls. A few weeks prior to this I painted the floors in my bedroom and he loved how they turned out so he asked for his floors to be painted as well! 

Picking paint colours

Don't get me wrong, I helped my son pick out the paint colour because he is young and can't quite visualize how a small sample will transpire on a large scale. My process for picking the colour was that I let him pick any colour he wanted (he picked a light moss green colour). I held the colour against various parts of the forest wallpaper and asked if he still thought it looked good? His response was that he didn't like it anymore so he picked again.

This time he choose an emerald green colour. While the colour did look pretty good against parts on the wallpaper I explained that it would make his room look "very green." I then picked a few colours that were on a similar tone but had more grey in them and a bit darker like I knew he was trying to achieve. So together we came up with the colour Dark Pewter by Benjamin Moore! 

For more tips on picking the perfect paint colour, check out our post on the blog!

Dark Pewter by Benjamine Moore

This is the first time in this house that I have painted with a dark colour! And let me tell you that painting with a dark colour is so much easier than trying to get a wall a white shade! I only had to do 3 quick coats compared to 5 when I use white paint!

Installing the Forest wallpaper

For installing the Mountains are Calling decal the company recommends having a friend help out...BUT I am far too impatient and usually prefer working alone. I did however purchase a laser level (it's something I've been wanting). I set the laser up so that I could start the first panel perfectly square! This was a huge advantage because from this point on all my panels lined up squarely! 

Installing Wall Decal

Some of my mistakes with installing the forest wallpaper...

On the second panel I tried working the edge that needed to line up with the first panel and tried working down on an angle. This was a BAD IDEA! I ended up with some creases and bubbles. I achieved the best results when I evenly removed the backing and slowly and evenly moved down the wall. 

installing forest wallpaper

I'm gonna be honest and say that I still have some bubbling in the wallpaper decal and I have been trying to work them out. Some of the bubbles just continue to come back everyday. 

painting floors in a kids bedroom

Aside from the forest wallpaper decal I was also most excited to paint the floors! NO I didn't persuade my son to paint the floors...he asked for them and I feel like the floors pulled the whole room together.

You can read on my Master Bedroom Post on how I painted the floors.

For my son's room I got a primer hoping it would eliminate having to do 4 coats of paint this time, BUT I was WRONG! The primer worked worse than the Floor and Patio Paint and I ended up doing 5 coats!! I will not be doing that again!

Painting Cork Floors

Picking a bed for your child

So another confession... I don't love the colour Dark Pewter on the walls. I thought the colour would come out a greyer shade. BUT my son LOVES the colour and that's what matters! This is a great lesson for me to accept that others in the family can have a say on design too.

If your looking for tips on how to create cozy spaces for your kiddos check out this post from The Wild Decoelis ~ Cozy Reading Nook

I was able to sell the Red Vintage bed frame and purchase this Pine frame from Ikea! Why I ever buy anything from Ikea is a mystery because it always ends up being such a mess.

The directions are brutal and I end up taking it apart multiple times because I don't follow the instructions properly. BUT the price and design of this bed frame were perfect for this room. I wanted the bed frame to have an airy vibe to contrast the dark and textured walls!

Kids Bed

putting the bedroom back together

While out at my favourite French Antique shop Uniquities I found this Vintage Trunk. The trunk is the perfect colour and size for this room. Having a Vintage Piece in this room was important for balancing out the newer items that now occupied the room.

Another boy's bedroom that is full of inspiration is this amazing room by Carla Natalia ~ Atticus Bedroom Reveal

Next to his bed I also placed a vintage basket that he can store his books in. This kid LOVES to read...almost every night we fight with him to stop reading and to go to sleep (Not a bad problem to have though). 

Accessories for Kids Bedroom

Originally, I was going to get Linen ticking bedding but after the bed was assembled I threw the white duvet on and I fell in love! The raw feel of the duvet gave the room that forest mountain chalet vibe I was going for! Plus my son loves how cozy the duvet is!

I have another awesome Boy's Bedroom you need to go check out from my friend Norma at Paint Me Pink Blog! She transformed her son's room while living in army base housing where you can't paint or use nails ... seriously so many great ideas! ~ Luke's Beach Bedroom Reveal

Overall my son and I are so obsessed with how this forest inspired room turned out! Every time I walk into this room it makes me so happy! I would love to know what you think of this kids bedroom makeover! If you have any questions about the projects that occurred in this room leave them below

Some of you may know that Britt has twin boy's as well and that will be the next project she takes on! Check out this twin bedroom makeover from Grey Birch Designs ~ TWIN BEDROOM MAKEOVER

This boy's sports inspired bedroom with bunkbeds from Jor Decor is also one worth checking out! ~ BOY'S MODERN SPORTS BEDROOM 

  • This room looks so great! I am actually looking for a similar duvet for my boys’ beds. Would you mind sharing where you found yours? (thank you in advance!)
    I have only done one wallpaper project in my home. If I get brave enough to do a second, I will definitely have to look into something like this! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The duvet was just from The Bay! It’s just a plain white faux down duvet. And putting up wallpaper is scarier than you think!

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