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February 11, 2019

Farmhouse Facelift – A Vintage Society Co Design Project

As promised earlier this year, I am continuing to share some of the design projects my lil’business Vintage Society Co took on in 2018! This is the project that really solidified the start of our company and my business partner, Britt, did up a beautiful blog post on it! Take a peek below of our Farmhouse Facelift – A Vintage Society Co Design Project.

Deb and I had just started discussing a business partnership and we agreed that we wanted to take things slow, to make sure we could work together, before we over committed. We had decided to test the waters with a home décor market, The Market Gathering, but that we weren’t going to announce that we were offering interior design until after we had worked together. We both live in neighbouring small towns where people are not afraid to ask what your really up to! I was grocery shopping when a family friend, Treena, inquired what I had been up to lately. She mentioned she was thinking about renovating her old farmhouse and asked if I would be interested in possibly helping…inside I was jumping for joy but told her I would get back to her.





Deb and I both agreed this would be such an amazing opportunity for us and we jumped right in!!! This has literally been the way we have operated ever since, taking risks and putting the cart before the horse! Treena, operated with this way as well so it was a great fit!

Our first day on the job site, we met Treena for an “Initial Consultation” at the farmhouse. While we were inside discussing new layouts for the home, a Track Ho arrived at the front porch and literally tore down the front of the house  with us still inside! We got to work right away with a new mudroom design!

We assisted Treena with a general layout of the new large mudroom, which is essential on a farm. A built in bench and 2 large storage closets were added and we created a large opening into the laundry room! This gave the space a complete facelift! We added a beautiful farmhouse sink and white cabinetry as this was a space that all guests pass through to enter the home.

The biggest change was in the kitchen! The home has been previously renovated and an addition was added onto it before, so it is literally two homes that have been joined together by one hallway. The way the previous layout was designed, it left it to have a small kitchen, small dinning space and a small living space with a larger secondary living room in the addition of the home.

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After discussing the actual needs of the family and their activities we opted to double the size of the kitchen, create a large dining room area and omit trying to force a small living room into this space. We left the large living room space in the addition to be the cozy family living room space.



The home has a large overhang and a massive lilac hedge on the south side so natural lighting was minimal. We assisted Treena in picking out a white kitchen with a white perimeter Cambria quartz and a beautiful quartz butcher block for the island. The kitchen is the showstopper in this home and has ample room for canning and preparing large family meals.

The dining room is a large bright space with an amazing view! There is now plenty of space to gather for their growing family of grandchildren in their future!

The main bathroom was completely gutted and the vanity was relocated to give a larger linen closet within the same footprint! Sometimes you don’t need to actually increase square footage to make the space bigger and more functional.

Treena was very involved in this project and was willing to take the time to shop and source for fixtures, furniture and décor. We can be involved as much or as little in a project as you would like.

For Treena, we assisted in floor layouts, providing suggestions for colour pallet and ideas for the types of finishes she should be looking for! Treena was able to save money however by purchasing and buying the actual items on her own.

We hope you enjoyed our Farmhouse Facelift – A Vintage Society Co Design Project!  Any interior needs you have we would love to help you with!
Britt & Deb




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Let's chat ... brand collaborations, interior design services or advice?

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What started out as a duo of Brittany and Deborah has now expanded into a TEAM! 


Deborah McDOnald


AKA @bvintagestyle

Small town girl, renovating our 117 year old home little by little. Sharing simple life on an urban farm.

Brittany Hislop

Brittany Hislop


AKA @white.farmhouse

Living a simple life in a rural Alberta town and painting her house white and photographing it as she goes!

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