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October 9, 2019

fall tablescapes

who's ready for another fun design challenge by the vintage society co ladies! This time we are taking on fall table CENTREPIECES!

Table Centrepieces mother and daughter

Who can believe that October is already here! It feels like summer holidays are already a distant memory... BUT the best part about it is that there are so many gorgeous elements to use as decor in Autumn!  We decided it was a great opportunity to do another Vintage Society Co decorating challenge for all of you as we know you love them so much! This week we are decorating our Fall Table Centrepieces using natural elements we have found in our yards or home! Let's get started!!!

Normally, when we do one of these challenges, we use a similar space in our home and challenge each other with a few similar items, then we see how different the spaces end up! This time however, we are going to allow the freedom of using anything natural we could find in our own yards or homes! This was such a fun challenge to take on and we both LOVED how this one turned out! We hope we inspire you for your own Fall table centrepieces and that you enjoy watching this challenge go down!

Table Centrepieces dining room

Design Challenge day

As so many of you already know, we went to France earlier this summer! Deb brought home a bunch of beautiful ironstone and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and display it! This challenge was the perfect time! This was also the first year she has had so many beautiful limelight and lava lamp hydrangeas! These big blooms add so much texture to a table setting like this one. They also give a pop of fresh colour to the space.

Centrepieces ironstone details

Britt brought home mini terracotta pots and has been waiting for an occasion to put skinny tapered candles in them! Britt had saw someone use coffee beans to hold candles up in mini cheese carafes previously and was inspired. When she saw the cranberries had came out for Thanksgiving she knew they would be perfect for holding the candles up! 

Antiques and salvaged 

Britt's Aunt saved a bunch of jam jars (these jars are actually in France everywhere) and brought them over one day. They turned out to be fun to use as drinking glasses!

Plating for Thanksgiving

On one of Deb's trips to the coast with her husband, she found this stunning antique silver cutlery set for a bargain price at one of her favourite stores, Surrondings on Cook Street. It definitely pays to stop at garage sales and second hand shops to find one offs on occasion.  The linen table runner is actually handmade by us. You can find a similar one here. 

Table Centrepieces french linen and apples

These beautiful hand blown jars are from our favourite shop around, Uniquities. Both of us use these in our homes and love them! They are great to display in a row on a shelf or use down a table as shown here! 

Natural Elements for Fall Table Centrepieces

Deb's daughter is getting to such a fun age for helping her with projects like this. She loves to be involved and together with her grandma, they picked all the crab apples shown here on the table. Deb also purchased a few small fresh apples directly from the grocery store to give a bit of variety.

Table Centrepieces sleeping dog

Plums and pears are also readily available this time of year! We love incorporating edible items on our table because if your guests get hungry they can always have a snack haha  

For more examples of outdoor natural elements you can use on your table centrepieces, head to our Easy Fall Decor Ideas for your Farmhouse blog post we did this season. So many pretty options to choose from this time of year.

 Britt grew Eucalyptus in her flower pots this year! The eucalyptus survived the early snowfall so she used fresh clipping to make little wreaths to go around drinking glasses. 

Fall Hygge Table Centrepiece

Cranberries come out this time of year and are supper affordable and are a fun pop of colour and can be used for Thanksgiving all the way up till Christmas! 

A Fall table centrepiece is not complete with out a pumpkin or two in the mix. Deb was lucky enough to get her hands on some beautiful white ones this year! She also added a set of our twinkle lights to finish off the table! It all turned out so well and she is now ready to host Thanksgiving this weekend!

Table Centrepieces dining room boots

Adding Linen to your table

Linens add softness and femininity to a space! You can use linens in a varienty of ways. Grab a table runner or a spare peice of linen to line the centre of your table.

You can fold napkins in interesting designs or wrap cut napkin rings around them. 

Salvaged Drinking Glasses

Britt loves to use mix matched linens, vintage and new. For this table setting she draped the backs of the chairs with mix matched linens that her friends and family can grab when they sit down!

Share Your Table centrepieces with us

We had so much fun with this beautiful challenge on fall table centrepieces. Hopefully it inspires you to do something a bit different with your table for the season and Thanksgiving. As always, we love to hear from you so make sure to let us know what you thought of this challenge by leaving us a comment below or sending us an email! For a few more ideas and inspiration, check out one of Deb's previous posts on 10 Autumn Table Centrepieces done right!!

Table Centrepieces basket of berries
  1. Nothing can really change the fact that autumn is here. Beautiful golden leaves are starting to fall down and we couldn’t think any other thing to welcome the autumn season than decorating our homes. Coziness is one of the reasons why people want to transform their homes during fall. Last summer needs spaces for air to come in and out of the house but during fall, all we wanted is to cuddle up inside our warm homes. That means more family gathering and more candlelit dinners. These ideas are amazing and can greatly help people like us in making our home cozy.

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment!! It’s a wonderful time of the year!!

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