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May 20, 2022

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Yes, it's that time of year when the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to change colour...and the bright colours of summer fade to the warm tones of Autumn. For Deb, this is one of her favourite times of the year. However, for Britt, this is merely a means to get to her favourite season...Winter! Let us help give you some inspiration to get that Fall Decor out of storage or maybe give you some new ideas for this cozy season.

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Living in a 4 season climate in Alberta, Canada definitely makes it easier to change over your decor to match the seasons. Both Deb & Britt like to stick with natural Fall decor pieces that give an organic and cozy feeling.

apples and hydrangeas fall farmouse decor
Fall has always been about bringing the outdoors in at my home. I love to pop outside and find my decor right in my back yard! Get my yummy, homemade Apple Pie recipe here - Deborah. B Vintage Style

fall porch ideas

One of the best places to start transitioning to Fall is with the decor on your front porch. Pumpkins are always a great option on the front porch. In our area, blue and green pumpkins are rare so we tend to stick to the more traditional orange shades.

Deb was able to grow a few variations of blue and green pumpkins last year that were gorgeous as well. It's fun to go to a local pumpkin patch and search for the odd-shaped pumpkins that give a bit more character than the traditional perfect pumpkin.

Last year Britt scored a large amount of dried wheats & grasses that she placed in some vintage containers to create an asymmetrical Fall Front Porch.

Dried grasses front porch

Deb created a beautiful front porch with shades of Burgundy. Mums are a great option as they are readily available in our Central Alberta Region and at reasonable prices. Although if you live in a 4 season climate beware that Mums do not like the frost!

Fall-Front-Entrance-white-house-Autumn-Outdoor-fall-farmouse-decor Home-Tour-birch-wood-mums-and-pumkins-foliage-pink-flowers

AUTUMN Dinning Room

The next place we love to fill with Fall Decor is the Dining Room! Usually Autumn means more meals around the dining room table. Especially for us Canadians as we celebrate Thanksgiving in the heart of Fall.

fall farmouse decor dining room

Mini pumpkins are a great and easy option for creating a DIY Fall Decor Centerpiece. Some other options are using dried flowers. Deb and Britt love to dry their limelight flowers and fill Vintage French Containers with them. Gathering Larkspur in the late summer to dry also is a pretty option for transitioning to Autumn Decor.

pumpkin center piece fall farmhouse decor
Larkspur Dinning Room
Using fresh produce decor allows me to change out my Fall Decor every week which feeds my need to change things up constantly! Britt. white.farmhouse

You can also shop your local produce section for Fall Decor Ideas! This is both practical and pretty! Pears, plums, and apples are plenty this time of year and are pretty when displayed in unique containers! AND the bonus is that you can eat your decor too!

plums fall farmouse decor

Creating a Cozy Fall Home

When it comes to the other areas of our homes we love to start pulling out the chunky blankets. Fall is all about the layers so throw a cozy blanket on the bed or couch!

It can be easy to get carried away with tones of Fall Decor, but sometimes simplicity can be just as cozy. So here are a few tips that we use to guide us from overdoing our Fall Decor.

  1. Start with a few unique vessels or tins.
  2. Add some simple dried flowers or grasses.
  3. Resist the urge to buy all the cute Boo Pumpkins!
  4. Buy decor that is edible because then it slowly disappears as your family snacks on it.
  5. Real over Faux. We both tend to stay away from Faux Florals as you seem to overdo it when you continually accumulate Faux Florals.

Check out our friend Hannah's @welivedhappilyeverafter 11 tips for subtly transitioning your home from Summer to Fall!

DIY Fall Decor

Fall is a fun time to make a Wreath. Grab some dried wheat to make a wreath or often dried pussy willow wreaths will be available this time of year. Even if you only adorn your front door with a Fall Wreath it gives your home a welcoming feeling.

DIY Fall projects

Trick or treat

Britt grew up in a home with a Mom who LOVES Halloween and homemade costumes were always a big deal. Britt and her brother often won the Halloween costume contests at school growing up. Deb and Britt both have children that are at the perfect ages for enjoying the Spirit and Fun of Halloween.

Living in town Deb gets to make her front yard Spooky for everyone to see. Spider webs, scary witches and skeletons fill her yard in the last part of October.

Cut out bats for Halloween

However, Britt lives in the country and rarely has visitors so Halloween Decor is more for the kiddos! Britt's kids love to spread out faux cobwebs everywhere they can think of. Simple bat cutouts are another great option for a simple pop of Halloween.

But the best part of Halloween for us has to be the costumes! 

Adams Family Costumes

Create a home you love

We love that Fall Decor can still have the traditional feel of oranges, reds, and browns like it has for decades or you can branch out with shades of blues and greens. At the end of the day do what you love and only bring things that spark joy into your home. It is easy to get distracted by all of the ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. And it is fun to see what everyone is up to, but at the end of the day, it has to feel right for your family!

Fall Front Entrance white house Autumn Outdoor Home Tour fall farmouse decor birch wood mums and pumkins front deck pink mums

We hope you loved this fun, farmhouse fall decor post as much as we enjoyed writing it and are leaving here feeling inspired with all the fall feels! Let us know what you do to decorate your home for Fall by leaving us a comment below or share it with us on Instagram using the #VintageSocietyFallDecor ! Until next time...

  • I absolutely love seeing pictures of your creations and ideas! It makes me incredibly envious!! You are both such beautiful ladies inside and out and your talents are second to none. I love walking past your home Deb, I’d love to see inside but it’s probably better I don’t!! Lol

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