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October 11, 2019

Let's face it our day to day lives continue to get busier every year! here are some tips and tools we use TO make everyday living easier like This new WIFI Keyless entry system we have both been using! 

We are both admittedly busy bodies and wouldn't change that! But when we get ideas or tools that come along that make some aspects of your life easier we love to share them with you all! 

Keyless Entry

Did you know that we are often stopping by each others homes to pick up items that we need to grab from each other. However, it's always a pain trying to arrange how to access each other's homes. So when Best Buy Canada reached out to try their new August Smart Lock Pro + Connect product we were so excited!!

This automatic lock seriously takes safety and convenience to a new level and it is so easy to install! 

Keyless Entry at It's best

One of the best features is that it can easily be controlled with your phone! This means no need to worry about someone getting the right code! You can also share access to the August Smart Lock Pro with any friends or family members. 

Smart Lock pro

The August Smart Pro from BEST BUY Canada also comes with an option to install a Door Ajar feature! This lets you check if a door has been left open! The door in Britt's bedroom has become the "cat door" in her home. This patio door was never installed correctly and often gets let open and not latched. Now, Britt can't only tell if the door is locked or unlocked ... BUT can monitor if the door is open or closed!

Do you see that tiny white device on the black portion of the door? That is the convenient door ajar device and it can be installed in multiple ways!

Keyless Entry Door Ajar feature

This WIFI keyless Entry system also allows you to track the activity on the door. We love the idea of the August Smart Lock Pro for an elderly family member who may have nursing staff that come and go on a daily basis. You would be able to tell what time of day they were coming and going. This would ensure that your grandparent or family member we're getting the attention and service they were paying for. 

SOme of our favourite features

It can even be locked by using voice control which is such a great feature as well!  Deb is constantly getting up after she tucks into bed because she can't remember if the front door is locked or not.  Having the ability to  control the door lock from an app makes that so much easier! 

Another awesome feature with the August Smart Lock Pro is that it automatically locks after an extended period of time. Deb also has a detached garage and is forever forgetting to lock her garage. In the middle of a cold winter night it's much easier to lock via a phone then trudging through the snow!

Easy Everyday Living with Best Buy

Let's talk about installation! This wifi keyless entry lock was so easy to install! IN FACT we were both able to add it to our existing lock in a matter of minutes and we both installed it ourselves!! No need to hire a handyman for the job... more like call up a handy woman!!

Aside from being easy to install the August Smart Pro is easy to use! Besides being able to use your smart phone to control the device it also can be used manually! This device operates very smoothly and easily switches from locked to unlocked with a twist of the unit!

 Installation for August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The step by step installation instructions were found on the app and so simple to follow! 

Our children are at an age where we don't always need to be home with them! So we also love that we never need to worry about our kids losing their house key at school or forgetting a door code. The August app even lets you know  when they have accessed the door. Then you will receive a notification if the door has been opened!!  It's always a bonus when you know your children are home safe!

Keyless Entry lock busy family

Both of us love having schedules and routines! We find that our children are happier when they know whats coming and what's expected of them. You can check out the routines we have created with our children in our Back to School Post!

Where we would install this keyless entry

Between the two fo us, we also own multiple rental properties. As the house keys switch hands and tenants come and go, we are both always needing to replace and cut new sets! This would be such a practical place to add one of these keyless entry locks as it eliminants the need to have any keys at all!!

Wifi Keyless Entry

Another bonus about the August Smart Lock Pro is that it doesn't change the appearance of the outside of your door! In the condo rental unit Britt owns you are not allowed to change the look of any common areas.  This includes the outside of the door to the unit. Unlike a key pad unit that is installed on the outside of a door this August Smart Lock Pro would be hidden and accepted by the condo board!

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the August Smart Lock Pro and that you will head over to BEST BUY Canada to see what other conveniences they can offer you!

This post has been sponsored by Best Buy but all opinions are our own.

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