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July 3, 2019

DIY Patio Chandelier

DIY’ing (Do It Yourself) has come such a long way in the last few years…the projects that non-professionals are taking on is amazing and I’m here to share an easy DIY chandelier project that will allow you to transform any light fixture in your home!

Check out the full DIY Chandelier Tutorial Video below and then read below for the full STEP by STEP instructions!

If you have ever looked at images of my home then you know how much importance I put on lighting! Finding those perfect chandeliers for the spaces in your home is like the icing on the cake!

Light fixtures truly do bring a whole room together! I have a number of DIY chandeliers in my home and I want to show you an easy and affordable way that I love to give chandeliers an upgrade.


Let me show you how I created this old world Antique Brass Chandelier! 

DIY projects for your patio

Chandelier Tips

Even in my outdoor living spaces I have included chandeliers. These chandeliers were not expensive and I have had them outside for 4 years, in a Canadian climate, and they have held up awesome! I haven’t even wiped them off in 4 years!

Some tips for purchasing outdoor light fixtures is that I recommend a metal chandelier with no plastic parts! You will also find that some chandeliers have plastic crystals but the ones on mine are glass not crystal and still look great.

I should note that my chandeliers are NOT outdoor rated because they are under a covered patio. Please consult an electrician to see if your outdoor living space would require special ratings for the weather elements.

These white chandeliers were originally purchased from Home Depot and were a Brown/Black Colour and I had used RUST-oleum White Spray Paint when I originally purchased them. 

Here is an image of the chandelier before...

outdoor living spaces chandelier

Don't let yourself be limited to what a light fixture looks like on the picture...let yourself think outside the box! Can it be altered to make it your ideal light fixture?

As an interior designer, I see so many clients restrict how they shop for lighting fixtures based solely on the colour of the metal on the chandelier. Sometimes you find the perfect fixture that is the perfect shape and size but it only comes in 1 colour!

let me show you how easy it is to DIY a chandelier so that it becomes that perfect fixture!

On my patio, I have 2 white chandeliers and I have loved them for 4 years! However, since painting my house white (previously it was blue) I wanted the chandeliers to “pop” against the white walls and I wanted them to have an old world minimalist feel!

My first thought was to go on the hunt for Vintage Chandeliers but I knew the odds of finding 2 identical ones that were a decent price would be near impossible. So, I thought why not just try to freshen up the fixtures with some RUST-oleum Spray Paint!

Patio Chandelier

Previously I had painted my home office chandelier with Rust-oleum Universal Metallic Gilded Metal and loved the finish! When Rust-oleum reached out to see if I had a project I wanted to share I knew it was time to upgrade the outdoor chandeliers!

While RUST-oleum has reached out to partner on this project, I can say with 100% honesty that I have always used RUST-oleum in the past! My garage has a shelf full of my favourite, most used RUST-oleum spray paints that no one has ever paid or asked me to use!

For these outdoor light fixtures, I wanted to transform them to have a weathered antique Brass appearance but I knew I couldn’t achieve that affect with 1 colour. This is the first time I have ever used this technique on a DIY project...but I knew if it turned out I could get that Vintage Brass Feel that some of the other light fixtures in my house have!

Let me share my technique and products I used to DIY my outdoor chandeliers!


PREP TIME – 30 minutes

PAINT TIME – 45 minutes

DRY TIME – 1 hour


TOTAL TIME – 2.5 hours

spray paint


STEP 1 – If it is an old chandelier remove any crystals or beads from light fixture. If this is a new out of the box fixture you are lucky and don’t have anything to remove!

I am also removing the light bulb base tube covers as traditionally these would have been white to give the illusion of burning candles.

STEP 2Lightly clean the light fixture if it is not brand new (mine have been outside for 4 years and have never been cleaned them so I gave them a light cleaning)

STEP 3Tape off the ceiling if you do not feel like removing light fixture.

Spray Paint Prep

I have painted numerous chandeliers on the ground and it takes a few days of rotating the chandelier over to get every crevice so if you have a spot to hang the chandelier that is ideal!

I completed this project in a few hours because it was hanging and easy to get the spray paint into every spot!

STEP 4Place a drop cloth under light fixture.

DIY prep

STEP 5Apply RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Pure Gold. Don’t worry about covering every spot!

Spray Painting a Light

STEP 6aNow this is important! DO NOT wait for the RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Pure Gold to dry! But rather quickly start applying the RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Antique Brass in patches.

Applying the 2nd colour while the first colour is still wet allowed them to blend together to create a more authentic antique appearance.

Adding texture with spray paint

STEP 6b – With the RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Antique Brass you are not covering the whole fixture but rather only applying in areas where the “sun” would have caused the gold to discolour and darken.

STEP 7Observe any spots you may have missed and go back over with RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Pure Gold. Then again adding touches of RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Antique Brass!

STEP 8Have an overall look at your chandelier and see if you like the ratio of the Pure Gold Colour to the Antique Brass colour.

Remember, when you are DIY’ing, it is personal preference and you can tweak things to your exact taste! In the end, I went back over mine and applied more Pure Gold where it was to dark and applied more Antique Brass in areas I wanted to look more vintage!

Antique Brass Light

The beautiful part of DIYing with RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Spray Paint is that you can easily fix your mistakes!

STEP 9Let the chandelier dry for about 1 hour (I am a bit impatient)

STEP 10Then re attach any crystals or beads. I wanted this DIY chandelier to have a more minimalistic feel so I actually left a lot of the crystal off.

STEP 11 – For an extra touch, I purchased flame tip light bulbs to give the DIY chandelier a more vintage feel!

flame tip bulbs

    Honestly I love how these DIY chandeliers look! They have a vintage brass patina!


    I would rate this project as very easy to complete and there is lots of room for error and creativity!

    The RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Paint & Primer in One covered so well and I actually used less paint than I thought I would. Between my 2 medium sized light fixtures I used 2 cans of RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Pure Gold and 1 can of RUST-OLEUM Universal Metallic Antique Brass.

    Some of the best parts of the RUST-oleum Universal Spray Paints are:

    1. Offers one coating for a diverse range of surfaces, including metal, wicker, concrete, wood, vinyl, laminate plastic, glass and more!

    2. Interior and exterior rust-preventative formula

    3. Comes in 5 different finishes: Clear, Enamel Paint & Primer, Hammered, Metallic & Pearl Metallic

    I can honestly say that this spray paint product has improved since using it a couple years ago on my Home Office Chandelier! To spray paint both outdoor patio chandeliers took me about 30 minutes of prep time, 45 minutes of painting and then about 45 minutes of clean up and reassembling chandeliers! Such an inexpensive project with a BIG impact!

    I hope this project inspires you to give one of your chandeliers a little upgrade with this simple DIY project!

CHeck out some before & afters of this DIY Chandelier project!

White Chandelier
Brass Chandelier
Patio before and after
Patio before and after

RUST-OLEUM Canada is challenging you to Spray New Life (#spraynewlife) into a project of your own to win a chance to win $500 to a home improvement store of your choice! To enter share your project on Instagram, Twitter OR Facebook and tag RUST-OLEUM Canada and use the hashtag #spraynewlife There will be winners in July and August so get your projects submitted and win some moola for more DIY projects!

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