October 18, 2020

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Best Buy Ring Security System

It's no secret that we love our homes! In fact, other than our actual family members, our homes are one of the most important belongings we have, and we take a lot of pride in maintaining and protecting them! Both of our homes were definitely in need of a security upgrade, and Best Buy Canada sent us just what we needed.

** This post is sponsored, but all opinions are our own!

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Best Buy Canada is your go-to destination for all of your smart home needs! We love that they ship right to your home and that you can contact the Geek Squad with any questions! With our busy schedules having the ability to shop from home is a significant bonus for us as well.

So what are we adding to our homes?? Best Buy Canada sent us over lots of different security features from Ring, and they are so awesome!

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Ring Security System

We still picture security systems where everything gets hard wired into your home, and there are ugly sensors and cameras and keypads all-around your home ... well… it’s not that way anymore! No more sales guys in your home, either. Britt was a bit skeptical of the whole security system, but after seeing all of the products and installing them, she feels like this is a great setup!

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So to start, the Ring 8 piece security system looks pretty and is esthetically pleasing!! This is an essential thing for us ... we don't want the security system to become the main focal point in our homes! The central hub for the Ring security system can be tucked away anywhere! Britt tucked
her hub away with her internet hub! The Ring system comes with a range booster to give you more control about when you place the sensors around your home!

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The Ring keypad, which can be run off battery power or plugged in, is a minimal style panel in our favorite colour ... WHITE! You can also be versatile where you place the keypad. Next to the door you exit the most or maybe beside your bed so you can arm your home before you go to sleep. And the best part is that because it's not hard-wired into the wall, you can simply move it around until you find the best location!

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The security system includes motion and contact sensors! None of these have to be hard-wired and have a minimal footprint, which is perfect! You can place the contact sensors on doors or windows. Britt has a secret woodshed door that they often forget to lock, so this is the perfect place to add a contact sensor to as well.

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Ring Doorbells

Who hasn't heard of the Ring Doorbell??? Britt remembers them making a deal on Dragon's Den years ago! This doorbell connects to your Ring app using your wifi and doesn't need to be hard-wired in... bonus! A great feature about the Ring Doorbell is that you can control the sensitivity and recording time of it to help preserve battery power and recording storage.

Britt setting up the camera above her front door

Deb is loving her Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell 3 Plus! With a three story home it can sometimes be hard to hear the doorbell from the attic space, now she receives a simple notification on her phone and can connect with the person at her door over the intercom set up. After a scary situation in the winter, an intruder tried to break into the house, she loves that she can view who is at the door and gets notified if there is any motion on her front porch at all!! Such amazing peace of mind!

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Ring Cameras

The cameras from Ring are fantastic! Again, they connect over your wifi and don't need to be wired in! The Ring Stick Up Cam is so versatile! You can stick it anywhere you want to capture. An excellent option for this camera is to set it on a window ledge inside the house and have it look outside! The quality of video recording is excellent. You can also adjust the settings of how long it records after the sensor goes off!

Debs Best Buy Ring system on her stairs with pumpkins

The Ring floodlight cam is Deb’s hubby’s favorite addition. He was so impressed with how well prepared the install kit was and how good the quality of the HD 1080 p video is! The 110dB floodlights are so bright and its ultra-wide sensors also cover a large portion of the property with a built in intercom system that can be used with the Ring app!! The floodlight helps make the whole family feel so much safer!

Deb installing the best buy ring security system

But the neat part about the Ring Security system is that it all can be linked to your Alexa Smart Home System. All the Ring products easily synced with the Alexa, and now we can quickly turn on our favorite song and control our home's security!

Ring Alarm in box

Within the Ring security system, you can fully control which sensors are activated by different modes. You can turn individual contact sensors on or off for the away and at home modes, which gives you much more control over the security of your home.

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We are continually so impressed with the tech and knowledge that Best Buy Canada provides to its customers! The other bonus is that if you are struggling to get everything connected, you can just call the Best Buy Canada Geek Squad, and they can walk you thru everything! Both girls
would highly recommend grabbing the Ring Security System!

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