October 22, 2021

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Cozy Fall Layers

The cool weather is here to stay and we are bundling up for the cool months ahead. If you've ever taken a look in Deb's closet, you'd find over a dozen cardigans. The girl LOVES her cozy fall layers. So we've rounded up all her favourite cardigans and pull overs and linked them all for you! On the other hand, Britt is still living in the bell tent. Which means cozy layers are a must! She's also added her favourite go-to's for these cooler days in the great outdoors. Check out the full list of both girls top picks for this seasons cozy fall layers.

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Deborah McDOnald


AKA @bvintagestyle

Small town girl living in a 1903 Heritage home she dreamed of as a child.

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Brittany Hislop


AKA @white.farmhouse

Living a simple life in a rural Alberta town and painting her house white as she goes!

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