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by Vintage Society Co 

June 1, 2020

country cottage home tour midcountry journal

These home tours are something we are starting to really look forward to each week! All the home are amazing and unique in their own little way and they never disappoint, just like today! This cozy country cottage belongs to the talented Amanda, from Midcountry Journal. Grab a latte, cozy up and lets give a warm vintage welcome to Amanda!

country cottage home tour midcountry journal

Home Tour Series:

midcountry journal

french country primitive cottage kitchen
Can you give a brief introduction of yourself, your home and work? 

My name is Amanda and I’m the creator behind the Midcounty Journal blog and social media platforms including @midcounty_journal on Instagram. This is where I share the DIY journey of my fiance and I fixing up and styling our old farmhouse and farm.

cottage primitive farmhouse old stove
What year was your home built and do you have any details of the history or building process you would like to share? 

Our farmhouse was built in 1894. We actually knew it’s previous owners very well. They bought the house 14 years ago at auction. Prior to them it was claimed on squaters rights when people noticed it had been abandoned. We don’t know much about the original builders/owners but are excited to research and learn more!

country cottage farmhouse by midcountry journal kitchen built in microwave in rustic island
How do you define your decor style? What are your favourite types of decor?

Hmm..I would say my style is a mixture of authentic primitive farmhouse meets french country cottage. I love the juxtaposition of simple clean lines and ornate curves. We want our home to feel bright and airy but also comfortable and welcoming.

country cottage living room round coffee table decor farmhouse style
What is your favourite thing about your home? Do you have a favourite room or furniture piece?

My favorite thing about our home is all of it’s original architectural features. The window moldings, door headers and transom windows, tongue and groove wood ceilings throughout the main floor, and the entire upstairs is entirely wall to wall to ceiling beadboard!

farmhouse cottage dinning room round white table with tobacco basket wall hanger on beadboard
Do you have any big future plans for your home? What is next for you or your home? 

We have SO much planned for this farmhouse! To name a few I’m particularly excited about: we’ll be pulling up the flooring and refinishing the original floors, relocating the bathroom to reveal the original floor plan, creating a sunroom in a room that was once a screened in porch that the previous owners walled in without any windows, whew lol, remodeling the kitchen, extending the front porch and creating 2 additional porches. And we have tons planned for the farm property and buildings too!

country cottage cozy corner in midcountry journal home
If you had one design or decor tip, what would it be? 

Two design tips I would give would be to first think about what you need from the room or space. The function of your home is where good design starts. After the room meets the needs of you and your family then start layering in decor elements you love or that speak to you. There’s nothing more home-y than a curated space that’s filled with things you’ve collected over time.

beadboard farmhouse kitchen two tone rustic primitive white
Do you have a business or social media tip you can give to all those who want to start a blog or home decor business? 

I would say start now! Even if it’s doing something small to work towards your goals, start today! Be yourself and be consistent!

amanda from midcountry journal

Excuse us, we are still drooling over Amanda's rustic country cottage. But seriously, did you see that island?! Thank you Amanda for taking us on this cozy tour of your home. If you love Amanda's primitive country style, then head to her Instagram to share the love. Tell her Britt and Deb sent you!

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  1. I love following Amanda on Instagram and I frequent her blog regularly as well, because you know, it’s great eye candy!!!
    I love her style;)

    1. White Farmhouse says:

      She does have such an amazing style!

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