July 8, 2021

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Building an A-frame Home

Finally sharing some of the design inspiration for Britt’s new A-frame home. The overall concept of the change of location for Britt’s family has to been to minimize and spend more time outdoors! So it would seem fitting that the house would follow suit. From the moment Britt started looking at A-Frames she knew it was what she wanted for her family, for their life. There is something so simple, so classic, and calming about an "A."

A frame cabin from Pinterest
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Focusing on the Now

Britt will be building a small A-frame home and a larger shop. The A-frame is approximately 900 sq. ft. which is about 1/3 of the size of their current home. When Britt designed their existing home, they designed it for every life possibility and adding things that would make life easier, and they aged. Now, they are focusing on the now, the things they love and living in the moment instead of living “for the moment.”

Britt's family

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Downsizing to an A-frame Home

The next reason for downsizing is that Britt is tired of cleaning! Legit over it. She loves a clean home, and when she tries to “let go” a bit of household cleanliness, it causes anxiety … so downsizing it is! Britt’s family of 5 is close; there are no separate Mom & Dad getaways, we do activities that we all love. Even after long road trips together, they still find themselves laughing and hanging out on the couch, all crammed together. The idea behind their current home was that everyone could have their own space, different areas for people to have separate conversations. It turns out that they don’t live that way.

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Who is this really for?

Britt’s current home is also designed for guests and entertaining … It turns out no one comes over, haha, and we don’t do much entertaining (with or without covid). So they are designing a home for the 5 of them and how they live 99% of their daily lives.

Bathrooms in an A-Frame Home

Check out this gorgeous A-frame from a fellow Canadian ~ @backtothecabin

A frame

Do you want to know the most extensive debate?? The number of bathrooms, haha. Britt only wanted one! The boys wanted a 2nd … go figure. The compromise is a full bath (it will be a complete wet room) and a half bath in the loft for the boys. Britt isn’t sure why they are so adamant on the 2nd bath when she watches them pee outside most of the time … but compromise is how you have a successful build!

Here are a few pics of the drawings from the Architect of the A-frame. The image below will be the side of the house that you see when you drive in, but this is actually the "back" of the house that will have a deck and hot tub.

Architectural drawings of A frame

The image below is the front of the house.

A frame drawings

If you want to see some of the design ideas for the A-frame head over to Britt's Pinterest account to see interior and exterior design inspiration. 

If you could instantly downsize or increase the size of your home which would you do? 

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