together we are better ...

On a Tuesday afternoon over a couple lattes a simple joke was made and VINTAGE SOCIETY CO. was founded!

We are Deborah and Brittany and together we are VINTAGE SOCIETY CO.

If you were to walk into either one of our homes today, what would you find? You would see a determined, creative, messy hair bun girl tackling all of the projects with a latte and paintbrush in hand!

Are we a little stubborn? Maybe just a tad, but it has driven us to this place that we love! To create a home and lifestyle that we can genuinely say we LOVE! Now, we want to help guide and share advice on how you can do the same. From home decor tips, easy family favourite recipes, and business advice, we want to SHARE it all! Knowledge is meant to be shared, not concealed.

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Read about how we took $1000 worth of French Antiques and created our dream lifestyle!

Faces behind VSC ...

Britt's vintage farmhouse dining table britt holding tein pot with lilacs laid on the table

Brittany Hislop

A.K.A. | @white.farmhouse

I'm a minimalist, farmhouse living, crazy boy mom that is not afraid to go after the life I want for my family! I love living a simple life in a rural Alberta town, redecorating my home a billion times, and photographing it as I go!

B Vintage Style Deborah garden

Deborah McDonald

A.K.A. | @bvintagestyle

I'm an French antique loving, small town girl and busy momma to my 2 sweet kiddos. Sharing life on our urban farm and restoring our 117 year old home that I dreamed about living in as child. 

Let's play Get to know VSC ...

We are so similar yet so different! Let's see if you are surprised by some of these answers!


Favorite Season?

Britt |  winter

Deb |  all of them


Favorite Food Groups???

Britt |  give me all the baked goods

Deb |  meatarian is a food group right? oh and latte's 


Never will I will ever ... 

Britt |  stop loving the colour white

Deb |  jump out of a plane


One Day I will ... 

Britt |  have a podcast

Deb |  write a book


favorite task to do for vsc?

Britt |  take photos of our products

Deb |   stylized photography


Early bird or night owl?

Britt |  night owl

Deb |  early bird

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VSC Highlight Reel ...

Travelling to France

2019 Travelling to France together to pick French Antiques! It was our first big adventure together and it solidified that our partnership was strong. Read more about our adventure HERE.

VSC Community

We realized early on that together we had so much we wanted to share. We communicate a lot through our email subscriber community ... it allows us to get more personal with everyone! Sign up to join our community HERE.

Building our Team

There is strength in NUMBERS! Having each other was better, but having a team is EVER greater! Ali and Michelle have joined our team and we can't wait to bring on more members!

Teaching Biz Courses

Teaching is something that came natural for both of us. Getting to share our knowledge to like-minded, driven, determined women is amazing. Check out online and in person course HERE.

Mission Statement ...

To provide inspiration and support that allows others to create a home and lifestyle they love ...
A Vintage Society Life!

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What started out as a duo of Brittany and Deborah has now expanded into a TEAM! 

painted floors cover page

Deborah McDOnald


AKA @bvintagestyle

Small town girl living in a 1903 Heritage home she dreamed of as a child.

fall tablescapes

Brittany Hislop


AKA @white.farmhouse

Living a simple life in a rural Alberta town and painting her house white as she goes!

dream bigger and bolder ...