deb and britt vintage society

Vintage Society Co Mission Statement

To provide inspiration and support that allows others to create a home and lifestyle they love… A Vintage Society Life!


Deborah and Brittany share a passion for design, decor and lifestyle. Together they started Vintage Society Co in 2018. VSC began as a successful Interior Design company and beautiful online retail Shop, that features all the girls favourite antiques, decor and branded apparel. It has now branched into a joint blog and a soon to be resource centre for individuals in the Vintage Society community! Watch for online courses and coaching to come!


The Vintage Society Girls

Deborah aka B Vintage Style

Old Soul . Garden Girl . Latte Lover . Crossfitter . Momma❤ . 

A little about me… where do I start.

I am a lifestyle Blogger, Interior Designer and I co own, Vintage Society Co..  I have travelled extensively in my life and think that is where I grew a passion for beautiful decor and design. I used to live in the city of Calgary until about 5 years ago when we purchased a big ol’ Queen Anne style home that was built in 1903 in the small town my husband grew up in. The big beauty was in terrible condition when we got it so we have spent the last five years renovating it and I have blogged about the progress. People love the home and our story and have followed the journey from there.

Growing up a small town girl, I used to go to the local auction mart with my Grandpa. He would buy most anything that he thought was a good deal and heaven’s forbid he ever throw anything away that might be useful down the road. Those days at those auction’s certainly rubbed off on me as I grew up I started to collect salvaged and antique items of my own. Few things are more fun to me than spending my Saturday’s hunting garage sales and stopping at second hand stores to find that diamond in the rough. I loved to be surrounded by beautiful things, but could never afford the big price tag so I would just find it or make it myself.

I’m a mommy to two crazy cute kids, wife to my favourite person in the world (who also happens to be my high school sweetheart), crafter and somewhat a bit of a stubborn perfectionist.  I love the colour white, champagne, salvaged anything and almond milk lattes with a splash of cinnamon!

My passion is to bring you decor inspiration and easy DIY’s that will allow you to create warm and inviting spaces. From refinishing old furnishings to some of my favourite foods, I try to help you bring the ‘little details’ that I use to make my house a home.

I am always on the go with DIY projects, home improvement renovations on this house or design clients with Vintage Society Co but that what makes life fun. I have been refinishing furniture since 2005 and blogging on and off since about the same time.  The rest of it has all just fallen into place after that. I LOVE what I do and thanks so much for visiting my lil’site.


Brittany aka White Farmhouse

Minimalist . Adventurer . Crazy Cat Lady . Boy Mom . ❤

Hey! I’m Brittany, known as White Farmhouse, and I’m one half of Vintage Society Co. I have almost held every career as far away from Designing as possible but it’s all lead me to this place where I am now and I am so grateful!

I grew up in a small Alberta town and this is where I am currently raising our family in our dream home that I designed. I always dreamt of being able to build a custom home on the perfect piece of land. My husband and I moved to the city while I was going to college but we both knew we could never live in the city. When my oldest turned 1, we left our condo in the city and moved into my brother’s mobile home back in our home town and began to figure out how to get our dream home.

After our twins were born we knew we couldn’t keep living with my brother and we were able to buy a piece of land off of our family… I threw myself into designing our dream home! I planned out every inch of our home, because I wanted it to be perfectly functional for our family forever. As I completely engrossed myself into designing our home, I was introduced to Deb (who had grown up with my husband), she had the most beautiful home and we clicked right away.

At the time I had no idea what Instagram or blogs were, so I was in disbelief that someone in our small community could have such a beautiful home and that’s when I knew that even though we lived in small towns that we could create magazine worthy homes that I had dreamed about.

Deb assisted me on some projects for our home and after I moved in, we stayed in touch. She is who encouraged me to start an Instagram account. Instagram was this community that I had been searching for, full of like-minded women, who were there to build each other up. I am so grateful to be on this journey and I hope that you can see my passion for creating a beautiful, functional home that your family can love and thrive in.