May 2, 2021

Lifestyle Change for White.Farmhouse

Soooo things happened fast and really, in the grand scheme of things, was entirely unexpected. Britt's family never had this on their radar when they built their home six years ago, but one thing they tell people now, never commit to plans that lock you into your future. Even now, her family is setting goals but not saying anything is a guarantee about what they do or WHERE THEY LIVE!


A change for Brittany's family

Family in the snow

What's happening? Britt's family is relocating to the next province over and moving to her family's favourite town ... Revelstoke! Britt's family spends most of their free time during the winter in this gorgeous, snowy historic mountain town. The snow is almost endless, and the summers are warm ... compared to Alberta.

Britt's family is also downsizing ... their house will be about 1/3 of the size of their current farmhouse.

Downsizing their Lifestyle

Britt has always been drawn to a simpler life and a minimal style, but after losing her grandmother about a year ago, her perspective really shifted. Britt got to care for her Grandma during her final weeks, and there were some very impactful comments that she made that shifted Britt's focus on life in general. She had no regrets, nothing she felt she needed or wanted to do before she died.

Britt and her husband, Garret, have also always had the motto and belief that you take nothing with you when you go ... we have never seen a hearse pulling a cart of cash, which is something Garret has always said. We don't live to save for one day; we embrace each day, enjoy the mobility our bodies have (while we still can, haha), take risks, and do the things we LOVE without worrying about judgment. They willingly admit they are selfish in embracing their own path without waiting for permission or what is acceptable and expected.

Yes, they are leaving the town that both Britt and Garret grew up in ... Does it feel weird??? YUP, but it feels so RIGHT! 

To answer a few questions:

Are we selling our house? Not at this time. Some family will actually be moving into our home this summer.

Where will you live while you are building: We bought a Bell Tent. Stay tuned for more details! Britt hates camping, so this will be an adventure, but the thought of not being close to the new build is not something Britt could handle.

What style of home are you building? A small A-frame home. You take a tour of Britt's current home [HERE].

Will it be the same style as her current home? Not quite. Similar but more industrial and also staying true to the nature and community that Revelstoke holds.

Dream Bigger

To leave you with a few thoughts: When Britt tells other fellow Albertans that they are moving to beautiful British Columbia, they often say, "that is our plan for when we retire or one day we hope to move there too." And that was Britt's family even up until a few months ago saying things like that. They have spent almost every New Year's in Revelstoke for the last decade and always say, "wouldn't it be cool to live here." Stop waiting for a "one-day opportunity" you control your future. You own your decisions. They may seem hard or impossible, but if you believe it and want something bad enough, you can manifest it. Where there is a will, there is a way! 

If you could move anywhere tomorrow would you take the leap to go?

  • What a great article, so well written. I love B’s way of thinking.

    I would move to Europe, probably Germany… but I would need lots of cash to fly back to Canada often.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Thank you! When we travelled to France I seriously thought about moving there! Germany sounds amazing too!

  • I would move away from the town I live in any day! Way to go, I think it’s amazing that you are following your heart & making your dreams come true! Plus living in a tent for the summer way to go!!

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Go for it Julie … seriously what’s stopping you 😉

  • Anywhere in the country, though we have it pretty good, couple of acres of land close to the Willamette River. It feels like best of both worlds, though I crave the quiet of living outside of town! So excited for you and your family !

  • To a BEACH!!! Preferably Charleston South Carolina a place we’ve cherished for decades. Such beautiful truths!! The present moment is a gift. ❤️

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Love this! The beach is actually one place I don’t desire to move haha. Living in the present moment is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

  • It’s always been mine and my husbands dream to move to Canada from the UK. I can’t wait to see Britt’s new adventure and new home!! I so wish we could live out our dream.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      That is so interesting that you want to come here from the UK. It’s all about perspective. I think we are meant to explore and travel … that is why were are born with legs not roots.

  • If I could move anywhere and get my hubby on board it would be to Ireland I would love to rent a small cottage for a few years and live a very simple life exploring and living with the locals. Of course ideally it would be a thatch roof cottage close to local pub. I have been to Ireland and I often think I was born in the wrong country I just have this draw to go there. Will it happen not likely but dream I will. Wish you and your family all the best on your new adventure and look forward to following you along the way. Revelstoke is beautiful I grew up in the Kootenays but live at the coast.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      That sounds amazing! I think you should strive to make it a reality … we can’t wait for life to happen for us. And the Kootenays is amazing, so excited for Revy!

  • Fiona Gallacher says:

    Way to go Britt. Following your gut is the best. I took my leap from Alberta back home to Nova Scotia and it was scary, thrilling and all together the best decision for our family. Have zero regrets. Do what makes you feel the best!!!

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Love hearing that!! Feels good to take a risk!

  • Connie Hodgdon says:

    I Lv my state of Maine and plan to stay here-but I keep having this pull for Italy-hoping to visit there some time?? And do more traveling within the United States:-)! All the best to You all on your new venture!

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Oh Italy would be amazing! We want to travel to Europe soon!! Miss it so much!

      • It’s amazing to think that once we’ve lived a life we know what we really need and want and don’t need big houses inly bedrooms enough to sleep in right? Then living space to relax and cook and eat in. The rest is outdoors and enjoying the simple things. I live in Ireland born here travelled a lot and know for sure when my youngest finishes school in 2 years were off. I’m in my 50’s on my own with my 3 wonderful children have a big house to sell and I’m sure going to do just that. Haven’t decided where yet but I’ll know when the times is near. Right now I’m getting my home ready for sale DIY and my older 2?finish college then off we go. Scared he’ll ya but I know it’s for us and I’m planning on living a great life ahead for all of us. Your doing the right thing just going fit it, why wait as you said. I’ve moved before came back and now know it’s for me wherever that will be. Mountains, sea or sand ? Who knows. Best of luck and keep posting ????????x

  • Somewhere in Alberta or BC that we can find a large piece of land to build an air ranch! My partner is a pilot who has always wanted to build his own plane and have enough land to build a runway, and I’ve always wanted a little hobby farm – our two dreams together = air ranch! It’s a dream right now, but we have our fingers crossed the stars will align in the next 10 years to make it a reality.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      I love that! I will put out good vibes that that happens for you!

  • Yes! So tired of the rat race. I would love to homestead and grow my own food. I’ve never needed or wanted much. Only to live a life I can be happy and at peace with. My dream is to lay my head on my pillow each night knowing I had a good day ????

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Yess!!! Go for it! That sounds like an amazing dream.

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