September 7, 2021

Black A-frame cabin

Cover image above is from @backtothecabin. Photo taken by @mariadenommephotos

A-frame Cabin Colour Decision


White is so classic, bright and airy.

Black is moody, rich and a completely new vibe.

Literally the thing that has stressed Britt out for months is what the exterior colour of the A-frame cabin should be. 


white a-frame

Image from @kylefinndempsey

Britt and Deb signature

Why picking a colour was so hard

What is the best colour for the exterior of the A-frame??? Usually, making design decisions comes quite easily for Britt, but NOT this one.
Here’s why:

  1. Now, like most things in Britt’s home, if she doesn’t like it, she paints it. Literally, almost every surface in Britt’s home (including the exterior) has been repainted, and she isn’t afraid to paint anything. But the A-frame roof will be metal, and well … metal does not paint easily, so painting to fix a design decision is not happening.
  2. Where are all the White A-frames? Britt asked the IG community about white A-frames, and there was only 1 A-frame that everyone could find. While this Aframe is beautiful is not the same style as what Britt is trying to achieve. So then she began to ask herself … do you go out on a limb to have something unique, or is there a reason no one has a white Aframe. Black A-frames are so easy to find and rightfully so because they look stunning and calming yet mysterious.
white a-frame cottage

3.   Monochromatic or Nothing! The only thing Britt has been sure about is that she wants a monochromatic colour scheme. They are also building a large shop (not for Vintage Society – but to store all of their gear and such) right beside the A-frame, so they need to match.

Back to the Cabin Aframe

Cabin belongs to @backtothecabin

4.   Britt had also planned to do the shop roof in metal to match the A-frame cabin, but after getting some quotes, the metal was out of the budget, so shingles it is. Well … white shingles are not available in her area … so the dilemma continued: Did she do the lightest grey shingles she could find for a white and grey vibe?

5.   The windows! Okay, windows are everything on an A-frame, right! Britt will be installing Lux Windows, which she is super excited about. She got grey and white metal samples from them, and they did not match the roof metal colours. So she planned to do exterior wood windows. That way, we can just paint them to match any colour … right (painting always makes decisions easier).

Well, Britt found out that their wood exterior windows would not pass the code if an inspector asked. And also, wood windows are a lot of maintenance … which is something Britt is constantly trying to remind herself of with this new build – a simpler life with more time for adventure and less time cleaning and fixing house stuff.

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Have you guessed the A-frame colour yet?

So have you guessed yet?

Britt also consulted Deb, and Deb said WHITE all the way because if she went with black, she would be painting within a year, haha

So white it was. Even Britt’s hubby and boys were saying white.

And then Britt saw this picture …

Forest A-frame

Image from @forest.a.frame

So, Black, it is, haha. I love this A-frame! Sorry was that dramatic enough.

missed seeing the design of Britt's A-frame cabin? 

What helped make the final decision for the A-frame cabin colour?

The reason Britt decided on black … the window panes will always look black (windows never look clear when looking from the outside), and Britt couldn’t imagine a bunch of black glass panes surrounded by a tiny bit of white trim (because the A is mostly glass). So indeed, the only way to get that monochromatic vibe is to go with black. The couple of white A-frame-style houses that Britt did fall in love with hardly had any windows, so most of the house was the siding colour and not the glass. So they really weren’t giving good visual ideas for what this A-frame would look like white.

So there you have an idea what has been running thru her head for months, haha.
The stress relief on making a decision is fantastic, and so far, she hasn’t second-guessed herself. But give it a year, haha

Tell me below ... are you sad that Britt won't be building a WHITE A-frame Cabin???
  • Priscilla Riel says:

    Nope I agree with Britt…black is the best choice! It will stand out in the snow as well! It will be just stunning I just know!♠️

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Thanks so much Priscilla!

  • Hi! Black is where it’s at! I’m a new follower to your A-frame story, but if your A-frame is in a treed/wooded area let me yell ya, any light colors, especially white exteriors get sooooo filthy sooooo fast! I think you made an exceptionally good choice! Black also seems to fit the architecture of an A frame so well!! Have fun!! Cant wait to see how it comes along!

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Excited about my choice! Hopefully, it all comes together the way I envision it!

  • I am sad that you are going with a trend. But as long as you are happy. I am more of a classic and timeless person.
    This means you need a black or charcoal shingled roof too!

  • Dfallononeill says:

    Knew it would be black! Good job!

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Excited for it to get started!

  • Helena McNeice says:

    So glad she chose black. She should really look for other quotes on her metal roof. It may cost more upfront but then she won’t have to replace it in 15 years. We did our shop in shingles to save money and now have to pay to have it redone as the shingles never last as long as they say.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      It wasn’t just the cost of the material but it would have meant having the whole roof re-engineered.

  • Black will be perfect- I believe the reason why there aren’t many white a-frames is because typical a-frames are surrounded by wood and black is more harmonious to blend in with the surrounding environment. It’s a trick architects have been using for years. It’s going to be gorgeous

  • Ruth Finley says:

    I think the black will be perfect.

    • White Farmhouse says:

      Thank you so much! Excited to get started. Britt

  • Susie Neider says:

    Nope not sad at all I voted for black all the way!! Yay Britt glad you were able to make the tough decision 🙌

    • Vintage Society says:

      Thanks! Glad to have the big decision behind me!

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