May 30, 2019

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What happens when you combine two very determined women, who share a passion for design, vintage décor, and creating amazing photography and images? Vintage Society Co! Britt and Deb have been brought together for a reason and we love where this journey is taking us! We want to be able to share all of our knowledge with all of you!! That includes what we have learned on doing a branded, business or social media photo shoot!


how to have a good photo shoot for your brand

We have self taught ourselves so many things along the way and how to set up for beautiful photo shoot is just one of those things! BUT taking pictures is only a small part of the work though, for us the passion is in styling those photos!

So today, we will take you behind the scenes and talk about a few of the things we do when we are doing a photo shoot for our brand and social channels as well as what we do to style the set! Keep reading below to see what we do on photo shoot days!

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A well styled photo will tell a story without needing words, it will make the viewer want to be a part of that story!  Deborah B Vintage Style

We would both tell you that if you are serious about building a business or brand or your social media channel, you need to get serious about your photos and doing photo shoot's! Either purchase yourself a good camera or hire it out… but at the end of the day, your iPhone is just not going to cut it! Don’t get me wrong, smart phones have come a long way but there is still no comparing the quality of your images to a proper camera.

We are here today to talk about cameras, you can look for that in our upcoming Stylized Photography course, however I do think if you are wanting to take some good images a wireless camera is where it is at!

Antique French grape pickers trug, lilac and linen

I love to balance large objects with multiples of smaller items in an image! Brittany White Farmhouse

Britt and Deb both use wireless, mirrorless cameras and have had very good luck with them. It is always a good idea to invest in a good camera bag and tripod as well. Here are a few we would suggest. As you get better with working with a camera, you can start to invest in better lenses as well! Thats when the fun really begins. 

A good photo shoot needs a good camera

shiplap white attic photo studio

What it takes for that perfect photo

There is a bit of a science behind taking good photos that is necessary to produce really beautiful and brand driven photos! You want your images to be creative, consistent, relatable and scroll stopping!! Now that we have established that you need to have a good camera, here are a few other areas you need to consider that will make an impact on your photography.

styled photo of apron and roses

Check that Lighting

Always… and we mean always, look for natural lighting!!. When you get the lighting right to begin with, you take a lot of the tough leg workout of the editing process and your photo will just look better!! You don’t need to carry a lighting kit around with you, just find a location that you can have controlled natural lighting!

By controlled we mean, an area that you can eliminate shadows and sun spots with blinds or some other cover. A good camera that allows you to control the white balance and ISO settings is also a great investment. Believe us, lighting makes all the difference.

Girl on a ladder in blooming trees photo shoot

Half the art of a photo is balance

It is extremely important to make sure your images have the right weight. By weight I mean, one side or area of the photo is not overwhelming the other side! Even if you are trying to spotlight a product you still need to be conscious of the ‘weight or balance’ of the rest of the shot!

For example, if you have a very small object that  is very light in colour that you are trying to take a picture of, make sure you don’t have a lot going on everywhere else in the photo or you will lose what you are trying to achieve! Try to make the feature item the main component and then balance everything else around that! An image of a space should not be dictated by too many conflicting items or it will lose it appeal!

styled home decor

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Can the eye find a Straight line

Antique bucket of lilacs

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Be very conscious of the angles and lines in your shot!

When we do a photoshoot, we will take a ton of pictures of the same space at all different angles! By doing this you may end up with a better shot you didn’t even have in mind! Work the space and layout in as many angles as possible and be sure to keep an eye on the lines of the image. You want to find a strait line in your space or styled area and adjust the rest of the shot off of that! Sure you can always edit and straiten your image after the fact but it is going to give you a better product if you can be aware of the lines while shooting!

You don’t want to take a picture that is missing a chunk off the side because you didn’t shoot it properly to begin with!

Photo consistency

Every photo you take, whether it is a close up or from a distance, make sure you are thinking of how it will look when placed on your social platform!

Do your images have a dramatic, dark feel to them or are they bright, light and airy? Does the undertone of the image have a warm and cozy feeling or a cooler, crispier feel?

Some of the best social media accounts have such consistency on their feeds and in their images that you can tell a photo belongs to them without even looking at the name on the account.

styled photography of a linen apron and French Market basket with eucalyptus

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT...did we mention editing? 

Whatever you do… do not post a photo without tweaking it a bit with editing. Make sure the image is straitened and cropped to an attractive view and play with the contrasts, exposure, highlights and shadows to have the image show true to real life.

A properly edited image will catch the eye more of the viewers which is exactly what you are trying to achieve!

We are here to help you out so we have created a free lightroom preset for you to start creating gorgeous images

 There are a lot of great editing apps and programs out there like Lightroom, Photoshop and even Instagram allows you to edit your images before posting them.

a good photo captures the eye, a great photo tells a story


A good image is taken to another level when there is a great caption with it!!

This is your opportunity to built a community with your following. The details in your caption allow your viewers to feel more connected and closer to YOU which will go a long way when trying to build a brand or share your purpose for posting in the first place!

Make sure you put some thought into every post and give enough detail to captivate your viewer. A great image paired with an even better caption is the foundation for a successful social media account!

No matter where you are in your photography journey there is always room to learn and develop new skills.

 It's always fun and a bit embarrassing to scroll back 1 or 2 years on your Instagram feed to see how much your photography has improved! We dare you to scroll back to some of OUR first images on Instagram and leave us a comment on those pictures so you can see that even we started out with unbalanced, over exposed images! 

a look at a branded photo shoot

You can also look at some of the work we have  done with brands in the past! A few favourites that come to mind are Deb's Wayfair bathroom and her Urban Barn Christmas. She has also partnered with Crate and Barrel for her beautiful front porch and master bedroom! A couple other accounts that inspire us are Dreamy White Lifestyle and Kim Klassen.

vintage society co girls

We are also VERY excited to be offering a new workshop for those of you who want to learn more from us!! This one day class will cover all you need to know on how to take photos for your social media accounts, stock photo's, small business imagery and branded material! We will also be covering the main how to's on making social media work for you!! Check out all of the details here.

girl decorating with magnolia in a shiplap attic for a photo shoot
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