December 17, 2020

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Enjoy the Wood

As interior designers, we are always getting asked what unique things can you hang on the wall? Let us show you how this 3D wooden wall map from Enjoy the Wood can be the perfect addition to your home. We will also discuss a few techniques for installation. 

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close up on the map and all its pieces

This 3D wooden map is gorgeous! It is made of solid wood, and the pieces are exceptionally well built!

The map pictured is in the colour Terra and is the smallest size they have available, which this one is the medium. There are multiple wood colours and sizes to choose from, which is excellent. Also, you can get the map with no labels, or this is the next step up, which has countries labeled, but you can get your map to come with the names of capitals as well. 

Now when you open your box, it may look intimidating as there are a lot of pieces! The instructions from Enjoy the wood state to lay the pieces out of the floor first. Britt followed this step, and it helped to get an overall idea for spacing. 

map scaled to size

The package comes with two starting forms to tape onto the wall first. These were so easy to use and made the install process very easy.

How it works

This wooden map comes with 3M double-sided adhesive to use for installing the map onto your wall. Using this tape made the install easy. On the instructions, they state you need to install on a smooth, clean surface. However, Britt installed hers on a wooden shiplap, and so far, it is sticking up, and she loves the look of the map on the shiplap.

enjoy the map displayed in the office with christmas decor

One hard part is installing the islands ... there are a lot, and on the medium size that Britt received, it was tough to read the labels. Between getting her kiddos to help read labels and looking at the shapes of the island, she installed all of the little islands.

side view of the map on the wall

There were a few island duplicates in Britt's package, yet two islands were missing. There is a lifetime warranty, so Britt has reached out to them to receive the missing pieces. 

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Your wooden map from Enjoy the wood also comes with a compass, airplane pieces, and boats. Britt chose to keep it simple and not include those. 

enjoy the map centred between two windows

There is also an option to include push pins to locate places you have traveled, but Britt's family has honestly not done a lot of traveling, so they chose not to get the pins. Instead, the idea of the map is to be part of helping to teach her boys geography. This wooden map is such a great addition to a home school space. It looks incredible, the sizes and proportions of the wooden pieces are perfect!

enjoy the wood

Britt would highly recommend this wooden map from Enjoy the Wood, a family-run business in Ukraine. 

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